Immoral Behavior

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Immoral Behavior

A few years ago, the unthinkable happened to Vincent Reid. His beloved sister had gone missing. Determined to find her, he searched New York City and vowed he’d do whatever it took to get her home safely. Although he never found his sister, he kept searching for her even years later. It was during this time he met his notorious boss, Kathryn Miller. Kathryn is a very powerful and influential person and she’ll stop at nothing for Vincent to fulfill her every demand. This power play relationship happens for years, but as each year passes, Vincent begins to want out of Kathryn’s tangled web. Slowly he makes the necessary changes and falls for feisty Chantelle Kendal, the very person that Kathryn is trying to have Vincent destroy. Kathryn won’t have “her” Vincent interested in anyone else but herself and she’ll personally do whatever it takes in order to keep Vincent from straying too far from her own selfish needs. Is Vincent ever able to completely break free from Kathryn? Are Vincent and Chantelle ever able to have a relationship together? Is Vincent’s sister ever found?

This was a great book filled with romance and plenty of intrigue. What really pulled me in was the blurb and hearing the background of the story…that some of this storyline was actually real life situations that were being told and other situations were fiction. The best part was trying to figure out which parts were fiction and which were nonfiction. I love the intricacies of the characters too. I felt bad for Vincent right from the start and wished that not only did he find his sister, but also that he could have a normal life if he wanted to if he and Chantelle decided to test having a relationship together. This story kept me glued to my seat because I wanted to see what happened next with all the characters. Mr. Fielding is a new author to me, but one that I would continue reading if he penned more stories. Well done!

Book Blurb for Immoral Behavior

When a handsome con artist accidentally falls in love with the girl he's trying to con, he decides to do everything within his power to protect her from his notorious boss, Kathryn Miller, who wants to see her dead. But will his power alone be enough against Manhattan's most dangerous female? Will his strengths include murder? These are the things Vincent Reid must now decide. At its root, the story is about one man's fight for freedom against an older woman who has not only controlled his body, but his mind for the last eleven years. Warning: contains R-Rated scenes.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00