I'll Be Yours for Christmas

Blaze #584

Abby Harper, now the sole owner of her parents’ vineyard, is reunited with her childhood friend and neighbor, Reece Winston. He’s back at his own parents’ vineyard to help sell it now that his father has suffered a heart attack. Abby knows that Reece has been involved in a really bad racing car accident that has put his career on hold until he fully recuperates and that his father is also recuperating after his heart attack, but she never expects to see that this gorgeous guy that he has become is staying such a short distance away from her. They always got along so well together so many years ago, but now being adults those childhood games would be so much more fun if they were naughty, bedroom games. Then a freak accident happens and brings Abby even closer to Reece since now she’s living with him in the Winston’s house until things get settled for her.
Does this bring Abby and Reece closer together or further apart? Would they be willing to start something together knowing that they are living two separate lives because of their careers?
I really enjoyed this novel by Ms. Hunter and couldn’t stop fanning myself with the scenes between Abby and Reece. I wanted them to take a shot at a relationship together and I had hoped that they would be willing to compromise if they really wanted to be together in the end. This was a novel that I easily got lost in and really enjoyed getting to know Abby and Reece so intimately. If you’re looking for a story that will leave you hot and breathless, look no further because you have found a gem here. Ms. Hunter knows how to entertain her readers and keep us coming back for more!

Book Blurb for I'll Be Yours for Christmas

From the time they were kids and neighbors, Reece Winston tugged Abby Harper's pigtails and tormented her. But when Abby—now the sole owner of her parents' vineyard—sees Reece Winston again after years apart, she's unexpectedly struck by the need to play a much more adult kind of game….

Then a freak accident forces her to stay with Reece, and Abby decides that what she really wants for Christmas is Reece—perhaps wrapped with a red bow. But as Abby and Reece explore their naughty lists, they begin to realize that nothing is quite as easy as it seems!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00