I Love Meatballs!

I absolutely loved this cookbook and couldn't wait to try a few of the recipes. No matter what ones I tried, not only were the instructions easy to follow, but also they had pictures for most of the recipes so you could see what the finished product should look like. I found each one to be quite tasty and made me eager to try more. Another thing that I loved was the introduction was so jammed packed with useful information with such things as what the various meats are that you can use, to what the best ingredients you should use to enhance the taste of your meatballs overall. This introduction alone is worth its weight in gold. This is one cookbook that you shouldn't pass up. I assure you that these recipes will be the hit at dinnertime. I feel this would even make a great gift for any cook on your holiday list!

Book Blurb for I Love Meatballs!

With over 50 recipes ranging from comfortingly traditional to cutting-edge modern, Rick Rodgers expands the role of the beloved meatball inside I Love Meatballs! Dishes inspired by a variety of ethnicities including Italian, Thai, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese, Swedish, Moroccan, and Indian are made from a full range of meats including beef and veal, pork, lamb, poultry, and even seafood.

Divided into six hunger-inducing categories, I Love Meatballs! shows meatballs as appetizers and dinner entrees, inside soups and breads, and (of course) with pasta, as well as meatballs sizzling off the grill. Recipes range from Greek Keftedes with Tzatziki to Beef Meatballs in Pho, Morroccan Meatballs, Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs, and Grilled Cheeseball Sliders. In addition to sumptuous meatball recipes, readers will find helpful tips and tricks, along with 30 luscious photographs of the meatball doing much more than just sharing the spotlight with spaghetti.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00