Hooked on Ewe

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Hooked on Ewe

A Scottish Highlands Mystery, #2

Aspiring romance novelist Eden Elliott has already spent three of her six months on a work visa in Glenkillen Scotland. Right now, she’s awaiting word from her best friend and published author, Ami Pederson, to see if her work in progress is a good enough storyline to sell. Having some extra time on her hands now that she isn’t writing, Eden is coerced into volunteering for the very important charity sheepdog trial event that’s happening locally. It’s the last thing she wants to do honestly, but it’s for a good cause so she gives in. Heading the volunteer committee is none other than Isla Lindsey, a very nasty and bossy individual who thinks she’s more important than she really is. Everything is set and the event goes off without a hitch. That is until Eden helps dismantle some of the tents after the event and finds Isla dead in one of the volunteer’s vans. Who killed Isla? How does Eden get pulled into the investigation?

I really enjoyed this book and as I was reading it, I could picture everything happening as if I was there witnessing it myself. This is the second book in The Scottish Highlands Mystery series and it was just as entertaining as the first book. I loved how Eden always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time throughout this series. It’s almost comical the bad luck she has had each time. I enjoyed how the author described the beautiful Scottish Highlands and I long to visit Scotland one day to see the picturesque scenery myself. Besides the scenery, Ms. Reed knows how to pen a fun mystery that keeps her readers eagerly turning the pages for more. I couldn’t wait to see who killed Isla and just how this whole story would tie itself up in the end. If you’re looking for a fun series to get lost in, this is definitely one you should look into!

Book Blurb for Hooked on Ewe

In national bestselling author Hannah Reed’s latest Scottish Highlands mystery, aspiring romance novelist Eden Elliott discovers the landscape isn’t the only thing that’s dramatic when a local woman is done in...

It’s early September in Glenkillen, Scotland, when American expat (and budding romance novelist) Eden Elliott is recruited by the local inspector to act as a special constable. Fortunately it’s in name only, since not much happens in Glenkillen.

For now Eden has her hands full with other things: preparing for the sheepdog trial on the MacBride farm—a fundraiser for the local hospice—and helping her friend Vicki with her first yarn club skein-of-the-month deliveries. Everything seems to be coming together—until the head of the welcoming committee is found strangled to death with a club member’s yarn.

Now Eden feels compelled to honor her commitment as constable and herd together the clues, figure out which ones are dogs, and which ones will lead to a ruthless killer . . .

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 5.00