Home on the Range

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Home on the Range

Caribou Crossing, #2

I found this to be a good story in which it helped me pass the time. We’re told the story of how Jessica Bly owns and operates Crazy Horse Ranch in Caribou Crossing, British Columbia. She runs an expensive resort that teaches people how to do Western riding during a required one week stay at the ranch. Plenty of people have travelled to this ranch to learn how to handle and ride horses, but the one person that really sticks out to Jess is the arrival of a teenage crush, Evan Kincaid. Evan presently lives in New York and has for the past ten years. He’s the farthest thing from the young, country boy who enjoyed that one passion filled night all those years ago and just seeing him again brings all the feelings and desires Jess had for him to the forefront again. They shared one night and he left her with a broken heart. Now, they have their own lives, but Jess can’t help but wonder what has brought Evan out to visit her ranch? Could he have found out about her secret? I thought this was a good story and the characters were very likeable, but in my opinion, the story moved way too slow for me. I went in it thinking that it was going to move at a nice clip, but I was disappointed when I found that it didn’t. I didn’t read the first book in this series, so I’m not certain if this was an issue or not in that book as well. The scenery that Ms. Fox described was breathtaking and I did enjoy getting to know Jess and Evan even though it wasn’t a face paced novel. Overall it was an enjoyable story for me.

Evan Kincaid is going to check on a client’s future investment to see if it’s worth investing in or not. In order to make certain the establishment is on the up and up, he books himself a one week stay at Crazy Horse Ranch in Caribou Crossing, British Columbia. He plans on going incognito, taking notes and then leaving. What he never plans on is running into the very girl who he shared a fun, passion filled night with ten years ago. Jessica Bly is still as beautiful as ever and he can’t believe that she is the owner & operator of this horse ranch. He doesn’t want her to know the truth as to why he’s there, but the more time he spends with her the more their attraction grows for each other. Does Jess find out the real reason for his visit to her ranch? Does Evan ever find out Jess’ secret? Is there enough between them to start something together now?

Book Blurb for Home on the Range

For Evan Kincaid, the best thing about his dusty hometown was watching it fade into the distance. Jessica Bly was the only one who didn't treat him like an outsider, and their friendship ended with one mind-blowing night of teenage passion. Now they both have the lives they planned - Evan in New York, Jess with her beloved horses in Caribou Crossing. But business has bought Evan back to Jess' Crazy Horse ranch on a mission that could destroy whatever's left of her trust. Ten years ago, Jess wanted one perfect night to remember Evan by. What she got was a broken heart and a secret that's kept them strangers ever since. The boy she knew was sexy and sweet; the man he's become leaves her breathless. And no matter how much she tells herself that country girl and city boy don't belong together, in her heart she wants to believe his home has been right here all along.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 3.00