Home Is Where the Heart Is

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Welcome To Redemption, #6

Melinda Spalding, Matt's sister, is back in Redemption for a short time. You see, she's there to oversee the expansion of the family business which will now have a division in this small town. Her plan is to be in charge of all the projects that are needed to get the plant going and then she'll head back to her luxurious life in LA. Her stint here will only be for a few months and she promised herself that she'll try to make the best of it while she's here. On the positive side, she's getting to see her brother, Matt, a lot more since his permanent home is now here in Redemption.

The one person she isn't looking forward to seeing again is Drew Porter and his huge Great Dane named Bo. Although Drew is a very sexy and handsome guy, he's also an egotistical pain in the neck when it comes to her. She wants to keep him and his crazy, drooling dog as far away as possible, but it seems everywhere she turns this nagging duo can be found. As she settles into "Mayberry" things start taking on a new perspective for her. Maybe this isn't such a bad place to live after all and maybe, just maybe, there's more that meets the eye with Drew.

Is there a strong attraction happening between Melinda and Drew that they're having a hard time admitting to each other? Drew seems to be a really nice guy to everyone he interacts with except Melinda. Why is that? Is it true that "home is where the heart is" and is it possible that Melinda's new home and life will be a permanent addition to the town of Redemption?

I definitely wasn't disappointed in Book 5 of the Welcome to Redemption series. We get to learn more about Drew and Melinda in this story and it was so much fun seeing the snippy interactions they had whenever they were around one another. The chemistry between these two was obvious, but it seemed they were the last to see it that way. And I can't forget to mention that I loved Bo's antics throughout the entire story and just loved the little romance he had going on in his life too! If you're in the mood to read some feel-good stories, than Welcome to Redemption is the series to look into!

Note: The Welcome To Redemption series takes takes place in a tiny Midwest town named Redemption, Wisconsin. Each one of the stories concentrates on specific people for that story, but they all continually have the entire cast of characters walking in and out of the pages.

Book Blurb for Home Is Where the Heart Is

Used to the finer things in life, heiress Melinda Spalding is thrown for a loop when her brother relocates to the Midwest. Her parents even expand their business to the small town and put her in charge of the project. Discovering she likes “Mayberry” and its quirky inhabitants is almost as shocking as her growing attraction to the local auto mechanic. But L.A. is where she belongs…or is home truly where the heart is?

Drew Porter learned early in life how treacherous women can be—and when snooty “Lindy” Spalding skids into his life and nearly makes roadkill out of his dog, she seems worse than most. An unlikely bond between their pets gives him an intriguing glimpse behind her pretentious exterior. While his heart wonders if there more to her than meets the eye, his head tells him to run as fast as he can in the opposite direction.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00