Hold On To Me

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Hold On To Me

Welcome To Redemption, #8

Ms. Netzel penned another fantastic story for her readers to enjoy. In this eighth book in the Welcome to Redemption series, we’re introduced to Jenny Clark, a woman who’s trying to start over after having a seriously abusive relationship with her ex-husband. Roy was the lowest, most evil man a person could meet and I was so happy that Jenny got away from him so she could move on with her life. Living in town and being around people that would watch out for her was the best thing for her. One of those people being Grant Walker, the new guy who had taken over managing the apartment building she lived in. Although their first meeting together didn’t go over well, nor did the next few times they saw each other, hidden beneath their rough encounters were some pretty intense sparks flying between them. When some menacing acts of vandalism started, I had hoped that this would be the perfect opportunity for Jenny and Grant to get even closer. Ms. Netzel did a wonderful job with this latest Redemption story and I feel all the Welcome to Redemption fans will be completely satisfied with this newest addition to this great series.

Jenny Clark is finally able to be free from her ex-husband and be able to start a brand new life for herself. She’s enjoying being in control of her own life and she’s finally able to do her photography again, which is one of her passions. After the landlord, Frank, is stricken with some serious health issues, she gets to meet Grant Walker, the new landlord. Although he’s definitely a handsome guy, his overall disposition has a lot to be desired. Ironically, even through his gruff exterior, there is a deep attraction smoldering between these two. When the vandalism starts, Jenny leans on Grant for assistance. It’s at this time that they start to address their feelings for one another. Is Grant able to protect Jenny enough so nothing happens to her? Are they able to get past their hang-ups and possibly start a relationship together?

Book Blurb for Hold On To Me

After escaping an abusive ex-husband, Jenny Clark focuses on making ends meet from one day to the next. Then she meets her new apartment building manager, and the passion in his kisses dare her to believe she could have a second chance at love.

At a crossroads in his life, Grant Walker returns from New York to manage his apartment building in Redemption. He didn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams and find everything he never knew he wanted in small town Wisconsin.

But someone doesn’t want either of them to be happy, and even as menacing acts of vandalism pull Jenny and Grant closer together, a harbored secret could destroy all hope of their happily ever after.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00