Hold Me Down Hard

This short story definitely packed a punch. We find Eden Carver, an Iowa farm girl who is a NY actress, deeply lusting after Police Officer Jay Bennett, her next door neighbor. They’re close friends, but neither of them is aware of the strong attraction they have for the other person. Making it even more difficult is that they both have things holding them back from even trying to take a chance on the other person. Eden is afraid that Jay will think she’s crazy if he ever finds out about her secret desires and kinky fetishes. Jay is scared senseless that once Eden hears that he likes his sex hard and rough and loves being dominant in the bedroom, she’ll go running back to her small Iowa farm town with her tail between her legs. Right from the start, this story sizzled. The attraction between Eden and Jay was undeniable and I really wanted them both to finally get past their hang ups and just let nature take its course. If they both tested the waters, they could find out how similar they were in certain aspects and how different they were in others. Once Eden decided to take the ball and run with it by having Jay go over lines with her for her next movie, something he did quite frequently with her, that’s when the story really started heating up. I loved that Eden dominantly took over the situation and tried driving Jay out of his mind. If you’re in the mood for a short, hot, sexy read, than look no further. Well done, Ms. Fox!

Eden Carver is a farm girl from Iowa who is now an actress in New York. Her next door neighbor, Jay Bennett, is a local police officer. Both think the other person is smoking hot, but neither wants to try anything in fear of destroying their close friendship together. Not to mention, both harbor secrets that they fear will have the other person running out of each other’s lives. That is until Eden can’t wait anymore to test the waters with Jay. So she writes her own sexy movie script and asks him to run the lines with her, something they do together all the time. Once they start rehearsing, the tension and steam is too much to handle for Jay. He wants Eden so badly that she pushes him to finally show her just how much he cares for her. Sparks fly between these two, but do they decide to take their friendship to the next level? Could their sexual preferences be an asset or a hindrance to them?

Book Blurb for Hold Me Down Hard

When Eden Carver, Iowa farm girl turned NY actress, decides to seduce the sexy cop next door, she begins to wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. The last thing Officer Jay Bennett wants is to cross a line with the sweet and innocent country girl—no matter how much he’d like to help himself to a nibble. Not only are they in the friendship zone, a naïve girl like Eden doesn’t belong in his dangerous world. But when she asks him to help her rehearse lines, and things go from simmer to boil, he finds himself doing the one thing he swore he’d never do.He knows he needs to walk away from temptation, but when sweet little Eden bites back, it tilts his world on its axis.Because biting back changes everything.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00