High Octane

Harlequin Blaze #601, Texas Hotzone

Former Army Ranger, Ryan “Cowboy” Walker loves adventure and lives for the adrenaline rush of jumping out of planes for the Texas Hotzone skydiving operation. But never did he imagine that he would meet a beautiful woman that would make him go crazy and have his libido go into overdrive.

Reporter, Sabrina Cameron, is the daughter of a U.S. Senator and he’s running for the White House, so he wants her to do everything her handlers tell her to do as not to cause any controversy during his running. She lives her life by the book and never causes her handlers any issues, as not to be a bad reflection upon her father during this critical time in his life. But after being dared to go skydiving, she just can’t pass this opportunity up. It’s so out of character for her, but she’s determined to do it anyway. When she meets Ryan during her skydiving session, things turn upside down for her. They are complete opposites, but are attracted to each other nonetheless. He challenges her to step out of her comfort zone and convinces her to start living out more adventures like this one. That even includes some adventures in the bedroom too.

Does Sabrina start letting her hair down so she can enjoy life more, instead of listening to her father and living the cardboard cutout life he wants her to live because of his campaign? Where does Ryan fit into her new adventures?

I thought this was a decent read, but I did have a problem with how domineering Ryan was all the time. I took him to be a very cocky character and he turned me off to him while I was reading the story. I felt that he was just too strong a character to be paired up with Sabrina and I almost felt that he had a way of bullying her to get what he wanted. A strong character like that makes me lose interest in getting to know them better. Having said that, the storyline was good overall, but I would have liked to see Ryan a bit less overpowering.

Book Blurb for High Octane

Well-known newspaper journalist Sabrina Cameron has arrived in Austin, Texas, to reinvent herself. Besides a new job and new friends, what better cure for her control-freak tendencies than to skydive for the first time in her life?

Supersexy jumpmaster Ryan "Cowboy" Walker is just the wild man to push Sabrina to her limits-both of them know it on sight. The high-octane experiences that follow, meanwhile, have nothing to do with leaping from a plane. Talk about losing control!

But when Sabrina's suddenly forced to choose between new loyalties and old.it'll not only force her to choose who she's going to be.but who she's going to be with.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.00