Her Forever Cowboy

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Her Forever Cowboy

Harland County Series, #4

Shayla Ryan has been constantly on the run because of her troubled past. Now is no exception. But when she arrives in Harland County, she gets the sense of closeness and family the residents have for each other. Maybe she finally found a place for them to all settle down in. The “them” that I’m referring to is her young daughter and Shayla’s twenty-two-year old sister. She’s not looking for anything but a secure, safe home to provide for her and the girls, but when she sets her sights on gorgeous Kevin Dalton, she has to fight every feeling she has for him. Kevin is a playboy in every sense of the word and he’s perfectly fine being like that. He loves women, but refuses to settle down with any one of them. He likes being carefree and having fun, but when he meets Shayla, she seriously makes him rethink things. Do they decide to act upon the spark that is ignited between them? Could they be the perfect match for each other?

Ms. Michaels has done it again! Book four in this series is another great success. The author knows how to lure her readers in by telling them a wonderful story that’s wrapped around characters we get to know and love as if they’re real people. This book was no exception. One scene that I absolutely couldn’t stop laughing at was the first time that Shayla and Kevin got to meet each other. The author has a witty sense of humor that shines through in all her books. If you’re looking for a book that will melt your heart and have you begging for the next book, than look no further. This is the fourth book in the Harland County Series and you could very well read each book as a standalone, but I would strongly suggest you read them in order to fully enjoy what this series has to offer you as a reader. I highly recommend this book and this author!

Book Blurb for Her Forever Cowboy

Single mother Shayla Ryan is tired of running, and longs to put down roots to create a stable environment for her baby girl and her younger sister. Having grown up with the opposite, she’s determined to raise her daughter right, and Harland County holds a lot of appeal. Too much appeal, in the form of a Casanova cowboy with eye-catching good looks and easy charm. It was time to settle down, create a forever home, and despite the fact the sexy cowboy interferes with her pulse, he’s made it perfectly clear he’s allergic to forever.

If there’s one thing software company vice president, Kevin Dalton loves more than puzzles, it’s women. Size, shape, race doesn’t matter as long as they don’t want a relationship. Been there, done that. He’s not looking to repeat the past, and happy to remain single. Until two beautiful redheads drop him to his knees—one with her cutie-pie smile, the other with her elbow. Too bad the elbow-toting beauty was both hot and puzzling. A killer combination too strong to resist. So he doesn’t, and without realizing it, the redheads slowly rewrite the code around his heart.

But when a danger from the woman’s past shows up and threatens the girls’ future, will he rise to the challenge and fight to keep them in his life? And if he does, can he really be what they need? A forever cowboy?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00