Her Fated Cowboy

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Her Fated Cowboy

Harland County Series, #1

I absolutely loved this latest release by Ms. Michaels. Right from the start, I was pulled into the storyline and I feverishly was turning the pages to see what would happen next. In this story, we were introduced to two characters, Jordan Masters Ryan and Cole McCall. These two were childhood best friends who lost contact with each other over the years. Jordan was an L.A. cop who never backed down from a problem or crisis; she instead tackled it with everything she had in her. When Cole, who was a widower and software CEO, re-entered her life after all these years have passed, he made her realize that her usual approach to problems wasn’t going to work for her this time. She didn’t know how to face the very man she always thought she would have married. Now seeing that Cole was dealing with his own demons since he seemed to blame himself for losing his wife in an accident, Jordan realized her heart wasn’t the only one that had been hurt and shell-shocked. I loved the storyline and the chemistry between these two characters was undeniable. I wanted them together and I found myself hoping that they’d both realize their feelings for each other before it was too late. As always, this author perfectly blended an amazing storyline, which contained characters you just can’t help but fall in love with and she worked her magic in creating a masterpiece of the heart. I even enjoyed her sense of humor sprinkled throughout, which was placed in all the right places. This is one story I highly recommend and one author I just can’t read enough from. Since this is the first book in the Harland County series, I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book.

Jordan faces one problem she didn’t think she would have to face again. That being having her first love re-enter her life. She thought Cole would have been the guy she married, but since Fate had its way with her, that didn’t happen. Cole is at a point in his life that his heart is suffering the ache of losing his wife and he blames himself for the very accident that took her from him. But maybe Fate had their reunion planned all along. Do they finally act upon their feelings for each other? Are they both able to help heal each other’s pasts? Does Fate finally get it right this time?

Book Blurb for Her Fated Cowboy

L.A. cop, Jordan Masters Ryan has a problem. Her normal method of meeting a crisis head-on and taking it down won’t work. Not this time. Not when fate is her adversary. Having kept her from the man she thought she’d always marry, the same fickle fate took away the man she eventually did. Thrown back into the path of her first love, she finds hers is not the only heart fate has damaged.

Widower and software CEO, Cole McCall fills his days with computer codes and his free time working the family’s cattle ranch. Blaming himself for his wife’s death, he’s become hard and bitter. When his visiting former neighbor sets out to delete the firewall around his heart, he discovers there’s no protection against the Jordan virus. Though she understands his pain and reawakens his soul, will it be enough for Cole to overcome his past and embrace their fated hearts?

*Previously released as Fated Hearts. Revamped with over 10k words added, new scenes, new ending, scenes deleted.* *Heat level upped to hot.* *Edits fixed.*

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00