Heat of the Moment

Harlequin Blaze #596

Navy Lieutenant Holly Durant has stumbled upon a situation within her group that she feels needs further investigation by the Inspector General’s office. You see Holly has discovered that Sergeant Ramon Martinez seems to be involved in selling supplies to a big connection he has in Iraq. Lately his paperwork has been incorrect and when he’s questioned, he makes up answers that just aren’t feasible enough an explanation for Holly. Since tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of supplies are in question, she decides to relocate him until the investigation is over. Not wanting to blow the investigation and although she’d loved to further ask Sergeant Martinez what he’s been doing with all the parts that are missing from base, she decides to handle the situation a different way. She personally escorts him from Al Asad Air Base to Camp Fallujah so he’ll be directly under the watchful eye of a senior officer while continuing to supply repair parts and construction equipment to the Seabees in western Iraq. This will surely curtail any transactions he has going on with non-military contacts.

When she gets the convoy together to make this trip, none other than Gunnery Sergeant Shane Rafferty signs up to be her gun truck protection. Shane and Holly know each other for ten years because he’s her brother’s best friend. But no matter how much Holly has been attracted to Shane over the years, he always seemed to push her away and even tried convincing her that he wasn’t the right guy for her. Now years later, regardless that she’s an officer in the Navy and he’s a Marine, she’s still just as attracted to him as she was ten years ago. Knowing that he’s manning the reinforced gun truck during this dangerous relocation mission makes her feel a bit more settled that he’ll watch her back. As they start the trip, Sergeant Martinez is sitting in the same vehicle as Holly. Normally he’s easy to talk to, but today he’s exceptionally quiet. She knows that he’s annoyed about his relocation assignment, but there’s nothing she can do about it until she hears from the Inspector General to find out how they’ll move forward with this investigation. All seems to be running smoothly for the convoy, until something goes terribly wrong for them.

What happens to the convoy while en route to Sergeant Martinez’s new assignment? Does Shane finally realize that Holly means more to him than he has let himself believe? Could the situation they find themselves in actually help them realize that they have feelings for one another? Do they finally get what they have been searching for all these years? How does the military handle the investigation with Sergeant Martinez?

I really enjoyed this story by Ms. Foley and loved the intense military scenes she wrote. I found my heart pounding in my chest as if I was right there with Shane and Holly while things got quickly out of control for them. I dreaded that they were both put in the situation that they were in, but I enjoyed watching them get to know each other better during their leave time back home. My heart went out to Shane that all these years he never thought he was good enough to have Holly’s heart. I’m so glad Holly never gave up on him. This is a great action-packed novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you’re turning the pages. This is definitely one I’m adding to my library. Well done, Ms. Foley!

Book Blurb for Heat of the Moment

Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Shane Rafferty knows how to follow orders. Especially those from mouthwatering Lieutenant Holly Durant! God, how he'd like to kiss her all over. But she deserves better than a guy like him….

Holly can't get hunky Shane out of her mind…so she follows him across the world to Iraq. When a supply convoy is attacked, she saves Shane's life. Soon after, he shows her his gratitude…during a night of blistering-hot sex!

But Shane can't stop thinking about the attack. Something doesn't add up. And he's right—a would-be assassin has followed Holly home. Now it's Shane's turn to prove that he can be the man she needs—in bed and out!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50