Haunted Rock & Roll

Ghostly Tales of Musical Legends

Through the decades, it seems that plenty of rock and roll legends lived their lives in the fast lane. In doing so, many of them died prematurely. It seems with their premature deaths, their spirits are extremely restless and because of that, many seem to come back to haunt their favorite bars, clubs, studios, concert venues and even their former homes. This book details popular rock and roll legends like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson and even Whitney Houston. The list just doesn’t stop there.

I really enjoyed this paranormal rock and roll legends book because it presented numerous accounts of hauntings by some very popular music legends. There’s something for everyone in this book because the legends discussed span throughout decades of rock and roll. I was amazed at some of the stories written regarding how at certain sights, if a singer had died in a plane crash, that very area has had reports of phantom lights that have been seen, voices and even crashing noises that have been heard by various people even years later. If you love paranormal books, it’s well worth looking into this haunted rock and roll legends book. Nicely done, Mr. Swayne!

Book Blurb for Haunted Rock & Roll

From rock and roll's pioneers to its contemporary rebels, explore how the greatest names live on after death—in unexpected and frightening ways. Combining two of America's great passions, celebrities and the paranormal, Haunted Rock & Rollcovers rock's entire supernatural history.

Explore rock and roll's most iconic idols, haunted locations, and infamous legends through evidence and testimonials from renowned ghost hunters and researchers. Discover thrilling stories of Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and many more stars seen haunting their favorite bars, clubs, and homes. From the early days through the present pop music era, rockers have followed the same motto: Live fast, die young, and leave a restless spirit.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00