Haunted Echoes

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Haunted Echoes

Sarah Reddington, a Chicago-based novelist, is thrilled that her first book release is doing well enough that her publisher has now offered her an additional two book contract. As she begins the preparations to start her second book, she hits some bad writer’s block and can’t find her way out of it. Dreading having to tell her publisher, Anna Harrison, that she doesn’t have any ideas to work with for this book, she knows that she’ll have to face the music sooner than later. Sarah already knows how Anna feels on the writer’s block subject saying that when a writer says they have writer’s block it’s just an excuse for them to use when they don’t have anything to write at all. Sarah finally makes the call and is pleasantly surprised during it. Anna suggests that Sarah go away for a few weeks to a beautiful, cozy inn she knows of in Maine and she’ll even pick up the expense of the trip. Anna feels that sometimes all it takes is a fresh environment to open the flood gates. At least that’s what she hopes will happen with her client.

Sarah eagerly packs up her and Dickens, her five-year-old yellow lab, and heads to the Otter Cove Inn with great expectations that a fresh, new environment will cure her writer’s block. When she arrives at the inn, she thinks it’s really nice, but wonders why no one is there to greet her at check-in and why she seems to be the only person staying at this establishment. She finds her room key on the table, but no instructions from the owners. Not allowing that to dampen her little excursion with Dickens, she settles them in their room and hopes that her new book ideas will start flowing any time now.

As the hours tick by, things don’t seem as cozy and relaxing as she first thought. A violent storm has her and Dickens completely on edge and for good reason too. Strange things begin happening to the both of them that just don’t seem to make any logical sense and just as they get over one creepy occurrence, something else even scarier happens to them. Maybe coming to the inn wasn’t the best idea after all.

Is it smart for Sarah and Dickens to remain at the inn with all these unexplainable things going on around them? Are they safe from whoever or whatever is trying to shake them up? Does she begin to find answers to the odd happenings that she and Dickens are experiencing?

To start off, all I have to say is WOW! This book is fantastic!!! Ms. Howell created such realistic characters that were living through such believable situations and I found myself so deeply engrossed into the storyline that I jumped out of my seat when a noise happened near me. I loved feeling that rush of adrenaline while I was sitting on the edge of my seat turning the pages. I would highly recommend this author and this story to other readers in a heartbeat. I enjoyed this novel so much that I’m off to see what other stories I can read from her backlist. Don’t pass this one up!

Book Blurb for Haunted Echoes

In Haunted Echoes, novelist Julie Ann Howell introduces protagonist Sarah Reddington. Fresh on the heels of her first book release, Sarah, a Chicago-based novelist, should be having the time of her life, having just signed a contract for two more books. But Sarah hits a brick wall when struck with a paralyzing bout of writer’s block. On her publisher’s suggestion that a change of scenery might do Sarah good, Sarah and her faithful canine companion, Dickens, leave the Windy City to travel to the Cape Elizabeth, Maine, a quiet town on the Atlantic’s craggy shore. Leaving her bustling Windy City home for a slow, sleepy New England town is certainly a novel concept for finishing her novel, but this journey could prove stranger than fiction.

As the only registered guest at the quaint but elegant Otter Cove Inn, Sarah is sure that this trip will be just the ticket to breaking free of the writer’s block to which she’d become a prisoner. But Sarah is about to become a prisoner to something far greater—and much more sinister.

To her dismay and horror, Sarah soon realizes that she may be the only registered guest at this enchanting inn, but she is anything but alone—and escaping writer’s block is about to become the least of Sarah’s worries.

From strange voices in the night, to haunting cries, to the eerie spirits that inhabit this haunted hotel, the Otter Cove Inn is full to capacity with bizarre forces intent on getting Sarah’s attention. Unable to differentiate between fact and fiction, Sarah is thrust into extraordinary circumstances when she discovers a key that could unlock a centuries-old secret. As the story unfolds, Sarah is propelled into a pulse-quickening quest to solve a mesmerizing 200-year-old mystery. Can Sarah piece together the clues before it’s too late? Or is this novelist about to be written off for good?

Alternately charming and chilling, spooky and spellbinding, Haunted Echoes is a suspenseful—and supremely spirited—tale. An inventive and wildly entertaining ghost story, Haunted Echoes will keep readers riveted until the very last page.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00