Guarding the Socialite

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Guarding the Socialite

Dillion McIntyre is an FBI agent who’s assigned on a case to find the serial killer who’s murdering local prostitutes. This is the last case he really wants to be on right now since he’s still getting over the last one that left him injured and seriously questioning himself. Not to mention, an agent died that night.

As he begins his investigation, it seems that all the dead prostitutes are linked together to the Iris House, a place which offers these women a safe spot to stay while trying to get their lives back on track again in society.

Emma Vale, the founder of the Iris House, has made this place as successful as it is for these women because she’s put her own blood, sweat and tears into running it even though her parents highly object over their daughter’s decision. When Dillion shows up to ask some questions, he’s taken by Emma’s beauty and genuineness. But with his physical and mental scars still holding onto him, would this even be a smart idea for him to act on his attraction for Emma? Would she be able to fit him into her busy life that revolves around the Iris House?

I thought this was a good read, but found a few things bothersome in the process. I questioned how Dillion, being as successful an FBI man that he was, could suddenly question everything he stood for. Also, the mentioning of Emma’s parents not liking their daughter’s choice of work had me wondering why they were questioning the good deeds she was doing for so many women who have come to the Iris House. These are just a few examples that seem to leave me questioning this storyline. It seems that I walked away with more questions in the end then I would have liked after finishing this book. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed overall with this story.

Book Blurb for Guarding the Socialite

Socialite Emma Vale has dedicated herself to Iris House—a sanctuary for women starting over. But when she's called in to identify the body of one of her girls, Emma is stunned to learn that the women of Iris House have been targeted by a violent sociopath…and she could be next.

Still nursing some hefty emotional baggage, FBI agent Dillon McIntyre has been lying low, but something about this case seems to reach out to him. Or is he just responding to Emma herself? As the list of suspects grows and the killer hones in on his target, Dillon must face the difference between protecting a potential victim…and protecting the woman he loves.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.00