Grounds For Change

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Grounds For Change

Welcome To Redemption, #4

Charlie Russell, a certified EMT, has been pushed into a mandatory leave from work and is totally bummed about it. So he decides to head to Rowdy's, the local bar, to forget about his troubles for awhile. By the time he leaves there a few hours later, he's had too much to drink.

Next morning, feeling like a freight train has run over him and suffering from a killer headache, Charlie sticks to his routine of walking Sugar, his Great Dane, to Allie's house, who is Sugar's pet sitter. On the way, he definitely knows that a stop by Carrie and Matt's coffee house, Coffee To Chai For, is in order. When he and Sugar arrive there, he isn't prepared for her to instantly take an interest in a female customer who just so happens to be walking out of the shop with two iced coffees in her hands. Just like Sugar's normal rambunctious self, she gets so carried away with her new friend that she hits into the two iced coffees and poor Dana McClain is drenched to the bone with the two cold drinks. Charlie can't believe what just happened, but even more so he can't believe just how beautiful and sexy this woman is. Maybe Sugar running into Dana wasn't such a bad thing after all.

After Dana leaves embarrassed beyond belief, Charlie heads over to Allie's place. He thinks that he may never see that beautiful woman again from the coffee shop and kicks himself that he didn't think to exchange numbers with her. But he doesn't have to worry because who happens to walk into Allie's house but none other than Dana, her cousin.

How do Charlie and Dana react seeing each other again? Does Charlie decide to get her number this time? Can something good come out of them literally running into each other?

I really enjoyed Book 4 of the Welcome To Redemption series. I just love how all the characters step in and out of each story so you feel like they're your longtime friends. When Sugar ran into Dana, I was laughing hysterically because the big girl was just so comical. Ms. Netzel created a storyline with fun-loving characters that any reader can fall in love with. You won't be disappointed adding this one to your ever-growing library. This is definitely a must-have series for any reader!

Note: The Welcome To Redemption series takes takes place in a tiny Midwest town named Redemption, Wisconsin. Each one of the stories concentrates on specific people for that story, but they all continually have the entire cast of characters walking in and out of the pages.

Book Blurb for Grounds For Change

Charlie Russell lived with a secret for fourteen years, but now guilt has pushed him to the breaking point. He meets psychologist Dana McClain and feels an instant connection that has nothing to do with his Great Dane, Sugar, spilling coffee down her shirt.

Dana switched to counseling animals because she has a history of becoming too emotionally involved with her clients. She figures she’s safe helping Charlie with Sugar’s issues, until he reveals his secret and asks for her help. She tries to convince herself it's all about the dog, not the guy, but history has a way of repeating itself.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00