Gore Orphanage Road

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Gore Orphanage Road

Alexis Duncan and her family check out a house on Gore Orphanage Road that is in desperate need of repair. As they are walking around, Alexis immediately senses that something is seriously wrong with the house. From feeling an icy cold blast of air in a room to hearing someone giggle in one of the bedrooms, this is the last place she really wants to live. But her parents decide to buy the place and this has Alexis on edge.

She starts experiencing nightmares and is constantly tired. Since she's so wrapped around her academic future, she seems to lose all her friends at school which includes her boyfriend, Joe. Things in her and her family's lives start taking a turn for the worse and they all begin to witness strange things such as apparitions, floating orbs and even frightening specters that bring the family to their wits end. But out of nowhere a guy named Reed shows up and seems to take a vested interest in Alexis' well-being. He understands a thing or two about ghosts and he'll do whatever it takes to save Alexis from what is happening to her.

Why are Alexis and her family experiencing such unsettling things happening to them in their home? Is Reed able to save Alexis from all these strangely malevolent occurrences or is he too late?

I loved this wicked ghost story and found myself glued to my chair as I was reading it. I love any story that makes you lose track of time and place and I must say that Ms. Hones definitely did that to me with her tale. I was so engrossed in this story that when I heard a noise nearby I nearly jumped out of my skin thinking it was something happening to me. The author knows how to tell a story that not only pulls her readers in, but also takes them on the ride of their lives while reading about Alexis and her family. This is a new author to me and now she definitely has a new fan! I recommend this story to anyone looking for a great read or if you're especially a ghost story lover such as myself!

Book Blurb for Gore Orphanage Road

Alexis Duncan and her family move into a home once owned by an evil tyrant, and are blissfully unaware of the horrors that await them. Strange apparitions, orbs floating in the woods outside their windows, and frightening specters in their bedrooms are only the beginning.

Alexis alienates her hardcore boyfriend, Joe, and his cronies, after meeting a young man named Reed who understands the manifestation of ghostly occurrences. He sets out to save her from them and also from an insanely jealous Joe. He'll kill to save her, even if it means losing Alexis in process. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00