Golden Opportunity

James McMillian, third generation owner of the prosperous horse ranch known as Double M located in Golden, Colorado, couldn't believe his younger brother, Reese, had sold his share of the ranch to just any buyer.ÿ When Angela Roberts arrives at James' door waving an authentic and legal document in his face, James is more than beside himself.ÿ He isn't about to let this feisty woman anywhere near his family's prosperous ranch.

Angela Roberts wants nothing more than the security of a real home for herself.ÿ Having had to fend for herself since she was a teenager, this is a dream come true for her.ÿ Little does she know James plans to do everything in his power to push her out the door.ÿ She finally sees her dream come true only to have it ripped right out from under her just as quickly.

To add insult to injury, Reese McMillian decides he wants his half of the ranch back, but Angela has a legal and binding signed contract.ÿ The Double M is forty-nine percent hers whether they like it or not.

What does James do to push Angela out of wanting to stick around the Double M Ranch?ÿ What happens when Angela realizes she is attracted to James?ÿ Is the attraction mutual?

Here is another story by Donna Marie Rogers that I absolutely fell in love with.ÿ Ms. Rogers knows how to pen a fun romance, wrapped around a western theme, that will make your heart beat faster for more.ÿ I loved all the characters and they played so well off each other.ÿ I felt bad for James.ÿÿ To me, it seemed all of his hard work and effort were being taken for granted because of his cut up younger brother, Reese.ÿ He was going to fight with everything he had to save the home his great-grandparents built from falling into the hands of an outsider.ÿ I loved Angela because her feistiness and hard work to keep her head above water had finally paid off for her - or so she thought.ÿ I thoroughly enjoyed this story by Ms. Rogers and I know you will too.ÿ I would most certainly recommend this story to other readers in a heartbeat.ÿ Great job, Donna!

Book Blurb for Golden Opportunity

Colorado rancher James McMillan is furious when his shiftless brother loses half of their ranch in a poker game. Card dealer Angela Roberts has never wanted anything more than a real home. But she hadn't counted on the hostile reception she receives when she meets her new business partner. She sets out to prove she has what it takes to help him run the ranch—and ends up losing her heart to both.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00