Girls' Night Out

Ms. Brook penned a hot story within these short pages. Poor Emily was anxious to be spending a girls’ night out with her friend, Neeka, who she had an eye on for some time. The problem was she thought Neeka had no idea that she was attracted to her, but that all ended when Emily finally admitted how she felt to her friend. This is a really short story, but it packs plenty of fun within these pages. I was glad that Emily was honest to Neeka and that she was open-minded to Emily’s feelings. Overall, this was an enjoyable story for me.

Emily and Neeka are good friends, but Neeka has no idea how Emily feels about her. They decide to go out one night to have some fun, but they never realize the night will take a different turn for the both of them. Could something more serious come from their one night together?

Book Blurb for Girls' Night Out

"Touch me, Emily. Right here. Right now."

Emily's never been the daring type. Nor the kind of woman who does public displays of affection. But Neeka's order awakens the thrill-seeker hidden deep inside. For three long weeks, Emily has kept her crush on Neeka a secret. Tonight she's going to act out her fantasies and claim the woman of her dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50