Ghostly Evidence

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Ghostly Evidence

Exploring the Paranormal

In this entertaining paranormal book, author Ms. Milner Halls tells us a few stories of some of the things she and other paranormal investigators have come across while doing their investigations. Each story is aimed at children and if there’s any unfamiliar terms used, she explains them for the kids to understand.

I really loved this book and enjoyed the fact that the author geared the book toward children ages 10-18 and with an interest level of 5-12 years. She provided stories, pictures and explanations as to if a place was haunted or not and if it wasn’t, the reasons why she was able to debunk it. What I also enjoyed were the extras the author included such as a list of books to do some further reading on the paranormal topic, websites to some paranormal investigators and a list of places and websites to visit that are considered haunted locations. If your child is curious about the paranormal or loves reading books on the topic, than this is a perfect one for them to look into reading.

Book Blurb for Ghostly Evidence

It's late at night, and you're on a tour of a so-called haunted house. You see something out of the corner of your eye and quickly snap a photo. Your hands tremble as you lower the camera. Your eyes widen as you stare at the image you've just captured. A face seems to be lurking in the background. But when you look up, there’s no one standing there! Was it a ghost?

Ghost sightings are reported all the time. Many are easily explained. Others are harder to dismiss. But is there any proof? To find out, Kelly Milner Halls explored haunted houses. She examined photographs and investigated eyewitness accounts from ghost hunters, mediums, and paranormal experts. What's the verdict? Are the spirits of the dead wandering among us? Explore her findings and decide for yourself.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 5.00