Forest Food Webs in Action

In this fun children’s science book, the author explains what a forest food web is. It’s where producers like the sun help grown trees to help feed the animals. The animals then consume trees, berries, nuts etc. (which are considered things that produce energy) and then the decomposers (the mushrooms that grow or the deceased animals that breakdown into the earth) provide a food source for such animals like the turkey vultures, for example. It continues to explain how plants and animals in the forest depend on one another in one fashion or another to survive.

What I really liked about this book was that the author explained the ecological cycles of the forest in terms in which a child could understand and he further explained to them the roles that animals and plants have on each other in a forest atmosphere. It includes a glossary of terms to aid in children’s comprehension so they can really understand what’s going on with forest food webs and it allows them to fully grasp just how important ecology is to the environment. The author gives a list of additional books so children can do further reading about the importance of forests and food webs. Also included are websites that offer an abundance of information about forests, food chains, food webs and more. I really love seeing an author taking the time to provide additional outlets of information so a child can either work on their own to learn more once they finish a book or work with their family and make it a family learning project. This book is part of the Searchlight Books Collection, which I’d love to find out what other books are offered in this collection and possibly review a few of them as well. Overall, this was a great book for a child to read by themselves or to read together as a family. Well done, Mr. Fleisher!

Book Blurb for Forest Food Webs in Action

Beetles, toads, squirrels, owls, deer, and black bears are some of the many animals that make up a forest food web. But did you know that leaves, berries, mushrooms, and tiny bacteria are also important? Or that humans can affect the health of a forest? See forest food webs in action in this fascinating book.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00