For the Love of a Woman

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For the Love of a Woman

I enjoyed getting to know Marly and Mitch and I loved how the author provided enough twists and turns throughout to constantly keep you wondering what would happen next. I wasn’t certain if pairing Marly and Mitch together was going to work out for them, but as I became further engrossed into the storyline, I wanted to see them together no matter what. I felt they were the perfect blend that could balance each other out. I also loved how the setting of this story took place in the country and I found it humorous that having an amenity such as a local hotel just wasn’t happening for poor Mitch. I thought it was crazy how Marly and her parents offered Mitch a place to stay while he waited until Monday for the local mechanic to open up the shop so his vehicle could be fixed. Asking a complete stranger to stay in your house just wasn’t very feasible to me, but I overlooked it and took it for what it was worth – that it was just a story. Overall, this was a good read that helped me pass the time.

Marly Hampton is living with her son in the Smoky Mountains and is trying to provide for him as normal a life as possible since his father was killed while serving his country. Marly wants what’s best for the both of them and is content to be by herself at this point in her life. In doing so, she has made her son the foremost priority over dating. But she never anticipates a man named Mitch Allen arriving at her doorstep in need of a place to stay and a mechanic for his broken-down vehicle. When these two lock eyes on each other, there’s an undeniable attraction that neither expect to have. Both Marly and Mitch aren’t in the market for a relationship right now, but there’s a spark that just won’t fizzle out. Is it worth the both of them taking a chance on starting something up that may very well be short lived? Or could something more serious come from it?

Book Blurb for For the Love of a Woman

When Marly Hampton offers a handsome stranger a meal and a place to sleep, it’s only for the weekend after he breaks down in her small town on the outskirts of the Smoky Mountains. But the mysterious Mitch Allen stirs emotions in her long thought buried. A widowed, single mom raising her son, Marly has no time for romance. Or is that about to change?

Mitch won’t be staying in town any longer than it takes to repair his truck. The former Boston detective has hit the open road to run from painful memories. Falling in love is the last thing on his mind. When he’s accused of murder, Mitch comes out of retirement not only to fight for his reputation but also for the woman who has opened his heart. Can they both face a past that stands in the way of their future before they lose what could be? Or will the evil lurking nearby succeed on destroying them?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00