Fleeting Hope

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Fleeting Hope

Dreams of Plain Daughters, #3

Eleven years after schoolteacher Ruth Yoder lost her beloved fiancé, Daniel, in a buggy accident, she finds herself ready to be courted by someone again. David Hershberger, Ruth’s neighbor and also a widower, seems smitten with Ruth, but hasn’t expressed his thoughts to her. Since he’s forty years old and Ruth is thirty-five years old, he worries that he might be too old for her. They continue enjoying each other’s company, but remain noncommittal for now. As they spend more time with each other, do they both realize they are developing feelings for one another? Or do they just keep enjoying each other’s company since they are both lonely and have lost their significant others?

This was another enjoyable story in the Dreams of Plain Daughters Series. I loved the complexity Ms. Craver wove with these characters and her storyline. As I turned the pages, I continually wondered what would happen next. I enjoyed getting to see the vulnerable sides of Ruth and her neighbor, David, while also being a part of their internal thoughts that they had throughout the story. The author created rich characters I easily fell in love with and made them feel as if they were real people I was getting to know. If you enjoy reading Amish stories as much as I do, than this might be one you’ll want to look into.

Book Blurb for Fleeting Hope

After her fiancé, Daniel Beachy, died in a buggy accident, schoolteacher Ruth Yoder decided to move out of her parents’ home and into the house he’d built for their married life together. Ruth has lived alone for the past eleven years.

When David Hershberger, a widower, starts spending time with her, Ruth is surprised. David’s children are amazed, too, that their father is interested in their longtime neighbor. Ruth hopes that she and David will become more than friends. But since David lost his wife, Irene, the love of his life and mother of their children, David can’t imagine anyone taking her place in his heart. His children and Ruth’s sister also aren’t so sure that the relationship should develop.

Although Ruth prays that she might finally become a wife, she will follow whatever path God has chosen for her.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00