Faux Pas

Paws & Pose Pet Mysteries

While Elle Pressley, a doggie-yoga instructor, holds her class, the unthinkable happens not too far from her classroom. One of her yoga clients is killed and everyone is suspect until further notice. Nothing ever has happened like this before at Moon Key's Pampered Pet Spa & Resort in Florida. But one thing leads to another and it turns out that the deceased victim just came from her Botox injection appointment. The doctor in question is none other than Dr. Ira Craft, Elle's best friend's husband. Elle will stop at nothing to clear Ira's name, but will she help the cops solve the case before it's too late?

This was a fun introduction to a brand new series that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the idea of a murder mystery being wrapped around a pampered dog spa. Right from the start, I was pulled into the storyline and characters and as the plot thickened, I found myself guessing who killed Celeste. I felt bad that Elle's life was a bit nuts, but now that the murder happened while she was teaching one of her classes, it didn't help her stress level. I wanted her to help Ira clear his name and for justice to be truly served for the person who committed the murder. I also enjoyed getting to know Irish private investigator Devon Burke and I couldn't wait to see if anything came of his and Elle's interest in each other. This is definitely a book I'm glad I read and I'll be looking for future books in this series.

Book Blurb for Faux Pas

Introducing ‘doggie-yoga’ instructor Elle Pressley, in the first Paws & Pose Mystery – featuring canine cuties, Florida sunshine, a sexy Irish PI . . . and murder most horrid

Doggie-yoga instructor Elle Pressley just wants to teach her classes at Moon Key’s Pampered Pet Spa & Resort in peace and save money to move out of her crazy mother’s house. But when her deceased childhood dog, Angel, shows up, she knows she’s about to be in danger. Sure enough, one of her clients winds up dead, and Elle is pulled head first into the investigation. For the prime suspect is Dr Ira Craft . . . the husband of Elle’s best friend, Hope.

Elle is determined to clear Ira’s name, for Hope’s sake, and she enlists the help of Irish private investigator Devon Burke. But someone is determined to stop Elle from uncovering the truth. And now that Devon’s involved, it’s not just Elle’s life that’s in danger: her heart is too . . .

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00