Exorcising Aaron Nguyen

The Millroad Academy Exorcists, #1

When Millroad Catholic Academy, a boarding school for grades 6-10 located in North Carolina, has to close a few days because of a student’s death, things start getting out of control for the school administrators. As the students return to school, strange things are happening to the students and the Catholic nuns and brothers. The cause of all this disruption is none other than Aaron Nguyen, the student who passed away. He’s back seeking vengeance for the person who killed him, but since no one seems to know that he’s hanging around, he’s enjoying terrorizing everyone. But things start changing because one of the students, Hiroki Satou, has a special talent of spectral sight. He’s the only one who can see Aaron. Hiroki teams up with his best friend, Georgia Collins, and they try to solve the case of who murdered Aaron Nguyen.

This was a fun, short paranormal story that I really enjoyed. I found it hysterical that a Catholic boarding school was being terrorized by their recently deceased student, Aaron. I felt bad for him that no one seemed to be helping to solve the mystery of who killed him, but I didn’t care for the fact that he was terrorizing all the wrong people to make a point. I was glad that Hiroki teamed up with Georgia and they tried helping solve the crime, though I laughed at all the pitfalls they hit along the way. If you’re in the mood for a short and light YA paranormal story, this is the perfect one to fit into your busy schedule.

Book Blurb for Exorcising Aaron Nguyen

The murder of Millroad Catholic Academy's resident genius, Aaron Nguyen, shuts down student life at the boarding school in rural North Carolina...for about a week. With the resilience of youth, the student body bounces back, and the memory of murder is nothing but a streamer of caution tape fluttering in the breeze. Unfortunately for them, Aaron's spirit has some resilience as well. The school priest’s exorcism fails, and before long Aaron is breathing chills down the students' necks and hurling bunsen burners at nuns.

Georgia Collins doesn't give a shit about ghosts. All she wants is a story to prove her underground school news blog is more than a gossip column, closure on her one-sided relationship with her best friend Hiroki, and a vanilla latte. She wasn't expecting Aaron Nguyen's death to be anything more than a cold spot in the science hall, but since Hiroki has the curse of Spectral Sight, he is the only person who can see and speak to Aaron.

As the ghost’s demands for attention become increasingly violent, Hiroki wants Georgia to help him investigate the crime, claiming that Aaron isn’t likely to budge until his killers are caught. Still hoping for spontaneous romantic combustion, she agrees to help bring Aaron's murderers to justice and set the vengeful spirit free...but it's not quite the close encounter she's hoping for.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00