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This novel definitely packed a punch and kept me feverishly turning the pages to see what happened next to Julia Jones, an eighteen-year-old science prodigy, who was awarded a prestigious internship with Dr. Caleb Bertel, a brilliant scientist. When Dr. Bertel was electrocuted, everything from that point forward turned upside down for Julia. Warning notes started appearing in places, people were after her and clearly she felt that she couldn’t trust anyone. That was until she met the young detective on the case, Austin Moore, and he seemed to be the only one she felt completely safe with. Once Austin entered her life, even more strange things occurred and it seemed now both their lives were at stake. This author didn’t disappoint and provided so many twists and turns to her plot that I felt my heart leap out of my chest on more than one occasion. I felt as if I was walking in Julia’s shoes the entire time feeling the insecurities she was feeling about everyone and everything. If you’re looking for a heart pounding, intense young adult story, this is one to definitely look into!

Julia Jones is a young science prodigy who has landed a once-in-a-lifetime kind of internship with brilliant scientist, Dr. Caleb Bertel. Unfortunately, since his accidental electrocution, things have gotten dangerously out of control for poor Julia. Now, not only is she being accused of trying to kill the doctor, but also people are after her life as well. Thankfully, she pairs up with young and handsome Detective Austin Moore. As soon as these two meet, a familiarity is shared between them that is beyond explainable. Sadly, the same people that are after Julia’s life are now after Austin’s life as well. Who wants Julia and Austin dead? Was Dr. Bertel’s electrocution really an accident? More importantly, what is the intense attraction and strange familiarity between Julia and Austin?

Book Blurb for Eternal

Julia Jones is an eighteen-year-old science prodigy with a big secret. After landing a prestigious internship with brilliant but eccentric Dr. Caleb Bertel, she is finally ready to move on from her mother’s death. But after Julia revives Dr. Bertel from a near-fatal electrocution, strange things start to happen.

Without warning, Dr. Bertel disappears. Then Julia receives threatening notes on her car, and someone has her followed. The young police officer assigned to the case, Austin Moore, believes the events are connected and asks her to help him solve the mystery of Bertel’s disappearance. Instantly attracted to him, Julia agrees. Still, she knows that she has seen Austin somewhere before, if only she could put her finger on it.

Will Julia uncover the mystery of Bertel’s disappearance before it’s too late, and does she dare trust Austin with her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00