End Me a Tenor

A Glee Club Mystery, #1

I found this to be a delightful addition to the Glee Club Mystery Series. We’re re-introduced to high school show choir coach Paige Marshall and she finds herself in yet another tight situation. You see, not only is she helping the school’s choir practice for a holiday concert, but also she has landed a solo spot in the production. Her being busy with both things is an understatement. Unfortunately, she finds out that two other high schools are preparing the very same song her high school choir is preforming, so she frantically has to change their song and choreography last minute. That seems to be the least of her worries though, because while practicing with the other soloist, the world-renowned tenor, David Richard, trouble quickly unfolds when he’s found dead after drinking a bottle of poisoned water at rehearsals. As she starts on her investigation to find the truth, she can’t believe the dirt she digs up on David.

This was an entertaining story in which I was so glad there were some of the older characters from Murder for Choir and a few new ones to round off this story. I love the author’s writing style and being a choir fan makes this story even more enjoyable for me. I love the fact that Ms. Charbonneau has a musical background because it makes her books even more believable right from the start. I’m eagerly looking forward to reading more from this author in the near future.

Paige Marshall is excited about performing a solo with the renowned tenor, David Richard, in the upcoming holiday concert. But all hell breaks loose when she finds out that not only are two other schools performing the very song her high school choir is performing, but also David is found dead during rehearsals after drinking poisonous water. Does the holiday concert still go on? Who killed David and why?

Book Blurb for End Me a Tenor

Joelle Charbonneau’s “delightfully witty”* Glee Club Mysteries returns for an encore performance. It’s the holiday season, and high school show choir coach Paige Marshall may be on the verge of her first big break as an opera singer. But she probably shouldn’t quit her day job just yet . . . A part to kill for Singing in a production of the Messiah and rehearsing her show choir for a holiday concert may be more than Paige can Handel. Not only does she have to contend with the overblown ego of world-renowned tenor David Richard, she now has to quickly revamp the show choir’s number, since not one but two other high schools are performing the same song for the quickly approaching competition season. The tempestuous tenor may have a voice to die for, but when he drops dead during rehearsal after drinking poisoned water, Paige has to compose herself and once again solo as a sleuth to find a killer who’s no choirboy . . .

*Miranda James, New York Times bestselling author

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00