Edinburgh Fog

For years it had been Greg Morton's dream to own his own bar-bistro. When Julia Brady, his girlfriend at the time, told him to follow his dream, he decided to do just that. Ironically though, he felt that continuing to see Julia would only hold him back at fulfilling this dream. He broke things off with her, but eventually realized she was the only woman who truly held the key to his heart. Eventually, word got back to him that she had moved on and rightfully so.

Now, four years later, Julia is back in Edinburgh and walks into Teller's bar-bistro never knowing that the very man she still carries a torch for after all these years is the very owner of this great restaurant she just walked into. Do they decide to take another chance at a relationship together? Can they make it work this time around? Or is it too late for them to fix what went wrong years ago?

I really enjoyed this short story and was thrilled that Greg and Julia seemed to come back into each other's lives for a reason. I was hoping they would get back together and use their past together as a stepping stone to a hopeful future with one another. If you're looking for a feel-good story that will fit into your busy schedules, than look no further because this is the perfect short-story for you!

Book Blurb for Edinburgh Fog

When Greg Morton returned to Edinburgh, it was to follow his dream of opening the smartest bar-bistro in town. Now Tellers’ is a huge success—but the truth is, deep inside, it means little without the love of his life.

Four years ago, he left Julia Brady behind in London to realize his business ambitions in his Scottish home town. By the time he’d recognized his mistake and admitted to himself he wanted her back, the grapevine told him Julia had moved on—and Greg had to face the fact that he’d been a fool.

When Julia appears out of the blue in Tellers’, he knows the only thing he should do is walk right up to her and say hello. But it looks like someone else has their sights set on her, and he’s a quick worker.

Is Julia about to disappear from Greg's life a second time - this time, for good?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00