Drop Dead Chocolate

Donut Shop Mysteries, #7

Suzanne Hart has her hands full when her mother, Dorothy, decides that the present mayor, Cam Hamilton, isn’t fit to be re-elected in the town of April Springs. So Momma takes matters into her own hands and decides that she’s going to run against Cam in the upcoming election. Cam isn’t thrilled when he hears the news and feels that Dorothy won’t be able to get enough signatures together in time to meet the election application deadline. He feels that he’s the only one in April Springs who is eligible enough to retain the title of mayor of the small town. But Dorothy gets help from her daughter and the town residents by obtaining a minimum of one hundred signatures so she can run for mayor during this upcoming election.

Everything seems to be fine, that is until Cam is found dead in one of the vacant stores in town. Any one of the past employees who have worked there could still have a key to this building and let’s face it – no one seems to get along with Cam. It could be any one of the residents who could have wanted Cam out of office, but who would stoop to killing him to make certain he didn’t get re-elected?

So Suzanne and her friends do what they do best and decide to find out just who wanted to kill Cam in the first place. They begin investigating the local residents and they can’t believe the dirt they’re digging up. But can Suzanne and her friends, Grace and George, solve the mystery before the police do? Who killed Cam and why did they do it?

This is the seventh book in this cozy mystery series and Ms. Beck has outdone herself yet again. She knows how to write a creative storyline to bring the old characters back from the beginning of the series and she intricately weaves new storylines to incorporate her new characters in each of her new stories. This is one author I enjoy so much that I can’t wait to get my hands on the newest story whenever it becomes available. I love that this is a light, cozy mystery and it doesn’t contain tons of blood and gore to tell the story. Ms. Beck knows what her readers enjoy reading and she surely doesn’t disappoint with this series. I highly recommend this book, along with the rest of the Donut Shop Mystery series! Keep up the great work, Ms. Beck!

Book Blurb for Drop Dead Chocolate

The whole town of April Springs is stirring over the upcoming mayoral election. Suzanne Hart’s mother, for one, is dead-set on replacing the current mayor…and what better way for Momma to drum up support than by luring in voters with Suzanne’s drop-dead-delicious donuts? Just add chocolate, and they’re sure to kill the competition…

With Momma’s half-baked campaign heating up faster than a donut shop deep fryer, Suzanne wonders if they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. But when Momma’s opponent is brutally murdered, the odds of winning are suddenly, and suspiciously, in their favor. Sure, they’d been planning to beat the mayor—but with speeches and donuts, not a blunt instrument. If Suzanne hopes to reveal the killer’s recipe for revenge, she’ll have to uncover a plot that’s darker than any chocolate…

Drop Dead Chocolate is a sinfully sweet addition to Jessica Beck's delicious Donut Shop Mystery Series.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00