Dogs Forever

Who doesn’t love dogs and what’s the best way to express our love for our furry companions? To none other than have a short book of poems based on our four-legged friends – the family dog. Overall, this was an adorable book that you can read to your children or have them read to you during story time. I loved that a mother and daughter worked on this book together and you can tell they poured their love into this joint project. Great job, Dawn and Jennifer!

Mother, Dawn Colclasure, and her creative daughter, Jennifer Wilson, have co-authored this adorable short book of poems dedicated to our furry best friends. This book contains twelve poems, each varying in length, but all written with dogs in mind. While mother and daughter have written six fun-filled poems each, all ten illustrations were done by ten-year-old, Jennifer.

Book Blurb for Dogs Forever

Dogs! Dogs! Big dogs, little dogs, funny dogs and lazy dogs! No matter what kind of dog in your life, you’ll find a poem that describes your furry friend in DOGS FOREVER, a mini book of poems that celebrate the bond between human and canine that only a dog lover would know.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00