Dog Head Code

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Dog Head Code

I absolutely loved this book by Ms. Andersen! The storyline was intriguing and grabbed my attention immediately. I especially enjoyed the idea of the old book containing a map and a special unbroken code that Joe recently inherited from his late Great Uncle Jake. I found my heart pounding in my chest while Joe, his mom, Mr. Grant (Joe’s teacher) and Joe’s friend, Annie, were all inspecting the old and broken down mansion on Dog Head Island where Great Uncle Jake lived. The author planted plenty of twists and turns throughout the story to keep her readers engrossed and hanging onto her every word. Even though this story is labeled a Young Adult, I assure you that any reader of any age will walk away feeling that they’ve been on an exciting adventure alongside the characters. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages who are looking for a fun reading adventure and I eagerly look forward to seeing what other stories this author already has available to read.

Joe Jones inherits a special book from his Great Uncle Jake containing a code and a map for Dog Head Island. Eagerly wanting to break the code and follow the map to possibly find some hidden treasures, he is joined by his mom, teacher and school friend. They all set out to explore the rundown mansion nestled on Dog Head Island, but while there, things start happening that are totally unexplainable to them. Can they get to the bottom of the unexplainable happenings? Are they all able to make it out of this old mansion alive? Does Joe ever crack the code in the book?

Book Blurb for Dog Head Code

After inheriting an old book containing a map from his Great Uncle Jake, Joe Jones travels to Dog Head Island, keen to find buried treasure. But in this isolated, inhospitable place, nothing is as it seems. Nothing, but the snakes that inhabited it. And Jake has a strong aversion to snakes!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00