Ditched Again

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Ditched Again

Summer Clark is returning to her hometown of Silver Falls, Wisconsin to attend her 10 year high school reunion. For the most part, she's looking forward to returning to Silver Falls because she'll not only get to see her cousin and fellow classmate, Jenna, but also she's anxious to see how the town has changed since she left. There is one person who she isn't thrilled about seeing again and his name is Josh Nelsen.

You see back in high school Summer had a huge crush on Josh for three years. Things seemed to be going well between them and he even asked her to the Snowball Winter Formal. Once they arrived at the dance, Josh's ex-girlfriend, Lyssa, showed up and asked to talk to him. Quite a bit of time passed while Summer was waiting for him to return to the dance, so she decided to head to the hallway to see where he was. What she did see was them locked in an intimate embrace. If that seemed hard to swallow, Josh did the unthinkable and left with Lyssa without saying a word to Summer. Years later, she still harbors the deep resentment for what he did to her.

Now, she plans on showing him just how much she's changed and how much he made the biggest mistake of his life by hurting her. But little does she know that once she arrives in Silver Falls Josh is going to be the first person she sees again.

How do they react when they see each other for the first time after all these years have passed? Is this the opportunity they both need to talk things over? Is it possible that there was a specific reason why Josh left with Lyssa that night? Could something good come out of this reunion?

I absolutely loved this story. I immediately sided with Summer and I found myself being mad at Josh for what he did to her all those years ago. I couldn't believe that he didn't have the decency to even explain things to Summer before he left the dance. Instead, he just left without even acknowledging that he took her to the dance in the first place. I loved that Summer decided to attend the reunion anyway and I had hoped that something more would happen to her during her time in Silver Falls. Ms. Netzel's characters showed deep emotions throughout this story and you just can't help but become fully engrossed in the storyline. I loved how she wrote the story from both Summer and Josh's point of view which made it fresh and unique. If you're looking for a great read that has a wonderful storyline, than look no further. This is definitely one that you should add to your buying list!

Book Blurb for Ditched Again

Summer Clark: Yes, I'm excited for my ten year class reunion - I flew all the way from Florida to Wisconsin so I could rub my success in Josh Nelson's face. I know it sounds vindictive, but the jerk ditched me at the Snowball dance, left me to find my own ride home, and never apologized. He's got it coming - if I can get a tow truck to come out in this freak May snowstorm and pull my rental car out of the ditch.

Josh Nelson: No, I'm not looking forward to the reunion. Just hearing the name Summer Clark brings back memories of a night I buried long ago and never talked about again. Seeing her means skirting the truth while trying to deliver a way-too-late apology. No, with this storm, I think I'll head home - as soon as I help this car sunk in the ditch.

Clearly, there are two sides to every story...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00