Dillon's Gift

This was a fun, short story in which Stacy found herself in a bit of a bind when at the company Christmas party/ Her Secret Santa gift to her boss happened to be switched out by someone last minute and was something that the boss shouldn't have ever received as a gift. I felt terrible for Stacy when Dillon saw the inappropriate gift that supposedly came from her. I didn't know what was going to become of the whole fiasco, but in the end everything made sense to me. This is a really short story that you can read when you’re tight on time. You can walk away feeling that you have been entertained during your time reading it. Overall, this was a good story with an entertaining storyline.

After Stacy drops her Secret Santa gift in the satin bag for her boss, Dillon, she never thinks that this gift will never make it into Dillon’s hands when it comes time to open the presents. Stacy is beyond mortified when she sees what Dillon pulls out of the box. Now she fears not only being in trouble with him for such an inappropriate gift, but also she’s the laughing stock of the office. Does Stacy ever find out how and why her gift was switched? Are there ramifications she must pay from Dillon after receiving her ridiculous gift?

Book Blurb for Dillon's Gift

Stacy hasn’t celebrated Christmas in years and has no reason to change her ways. Dillon can’t understand why the most giving person he knows refuses to join in the holiday cheer. He cooks up a plan that will leave them no choice but to spend the holidays together.

Yet, he doesn’t know Stacy as well as he thinks, and there is an equal chance that things could backfire.

Will a gag gift mix-up, a game of Truth or Dare, and a blizzard ruin the holiday for them both or bring two friends together for a Christmas to remember.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.00