Dillie the Deer

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Dillie the Deer

A True Story of Love, Healing, and Family

When veterinarian, Melanie Butera, received an unexpected patient in the summer of 2004, Melanie was certain this three-day-old, blind deer would die. With much love and medical care, she nurtured the deer back to health and had Dillie become part of her extended animal family. Through many trials and tribulations, Dillie has made an impact on Melanie and her husband's lives.

Right from the start I couldn't wait to read this story. I'm a huge fan of animal stories, so seeing one about how Dillie the deer became an active member of Melanie's family, I knew I just had to read it. As the author narrated her story of all her trials and tribulations, I felt as if I had a front row seat to see it all happen firsthand. I loved seeing how Dillie just fit right into the family as if she was a human member. The author speaks on such a heartwarming level that any reader will enjoy reading this story. This is one of those feel good animal stories that will touch your heart. I highly recommend it!

Book Blurb for Dillie the Deer

A heartwarming and irresistible story of the profound bond between a deer named Dillie and the veterinarian who saved her life.

In the summer of 2004, veterinarian, Melanie Butera, received an unexpected patient: a three-day-old, blind, dying fawn she called Dillie. Melanie doubted the deer would survive, but with the help of her husband Steve she miraculously nursed Dillie back to health. The tenacious deer quickly became a member of the family running around the house with the dog, the cat, and the people; and enjoying all of the perks including her own bedroom, plates of her favorite linguini, and swims in the family’s pool. Mischievous and funny, Dillie opens cabinets, learns to climb stairs, turns the lights on and off, steals food, and showers her family with affection. Melanie and Steve gave Dillie a chance at life, and in return she has enriched theirs beyond measure. And when Melanie is diagnosed with cancer, the veterinarian who saved the life of a fawn is herself saved by the unconditional love of Dillie the deer.

This heartwarming book is filled with insights about the animal world and the powerful bond between humans and the non-human creatures who love them.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00