Delinquent Daddy

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Delinquent Daddy

When Boston Kincaid reads a letter from a nine-year-old girl named Cassidy Trenton asking if he could be her daddy, he’s beside himself wondering if there could very well be the possibility that he’s her father. Especially when he finds out that Cassidy’s mother is none other than Ellie Trenton, the woman he had dated many years ago. But the thing that gets him is if Cassidy is really his daughter, why hadn’t Ellie said anything to him so he could have been in Cassidy’s life? The only way to find out the truth is to confront Ellie face-to-face and get to the bottom of the situation as fast as possible.

What happens when he finally sees Ellie again? How do they handle things moving forward in their lives?

I really liked this story and I have to say that I felt bad that Boston was kept in the dark the whole time. I thought it was terrible that Ellie never tried telling him he was a father. I gave him credit that he confronted Ellie to find out the truth once and for all. I also loved that sparks started flying again when they saw each other after all these years have passed. This was definitely an enjoyable read overall.

Book Blurb for Delinquent Daddy


Boston Kincaid's life is forever changed when he reads the note from Cassidy Trenton, who's looking for her daddy. Vividly remembering the girl's mother, Boston is compelled to learn the truth about Cassidy's paternity.

Single working mother Ellie Trenton is completely bowled over to find her old college flame, whom she hasn't seen in ten years, loitering on her front porch when she comes home from work one day.

At the sight of each other, Boston and Ellie's decade apart melts away, and that old chemistry between them flares back to life. But trust doesn't come easily, and old wounds never healed properly.

Can Boston and Ellie learn to forgive and forget so they can experience the love they never shared, or will child custody battles keep them apart forever?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.50