A book in the Spice Rack series.

I found this to be a fun, hot story that made steam rise off my e-reader. We’re introduced to Jessica and Eric Carlson who have been married for eight years. They have three young sons and they have recently moved into a bigger house. Lately, with both their hectic schedules, there hasn’t been any alone time for them, let alone sex. They’re both aware of the situation, but hesitant to bring the subject up in fear that there may be more to it than just an overwhelming schedule between them lately. In the back of both their minds the thought has crossed them that they hope their spouse isn’t having an affair. But little do they realize that they both have been planning on seducing their spouse sometime soon. Playing a little devious game, Eric calls Jessica, one busy morning, and asks her to return home to make certain the toaster oven is shut off. She’s annoyed a bit by the request, but since he can’t make it home himself, she has no choice then to do it. Once she arrives home, she’s in for the biggest surprise of her life. Eric is there looking fresh from a shower and making them waffles. He has a big surprise for her and he hopes she’ll like it.

Right from the start, I loved this story. The blurb caught my attention and from the first page to the very last, Ms. Stivali did a wonderful job telling Jessica and Eric’s story. Even though these two hadn’t had sex together in a while, they still were very much in love with each other. It was extremely obvious, in how the author told her story, that these two were missing the intimacy they just hadn’t had the time for lately. When the wicked sexual spice rack was introduced into the storyline, I loved the idea. This is the first story I’ve read from Ms. Stivali and clearly it won’t be my last. I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to read more from this talented author.

Jessica and Eric Carlson have everything they could hope for – three adorable little boys, a beautiful house and most importantly each other. But lately, they both are aware that they haven’t had any alone time, or for that matter sex, and it is beginning to take its toll on them. Little do they know that they’ve both been planning some fun and exciting sexually driven activities they can’t wait to share with each other. Although Evan’s plan is seducing Jessica with the new sexual spice rack kit, that’s the hottest rage, what is Jessica’s surprise to her husband? Do they both enjoy each other’s surprises?

Book Blurb for Decadence

In eight years of marriage, Eric Carlson has never forgotten to kiss his wife Jessica goodbye—until this morning. As Jessica runs her errands, all she can think about is the missing kiss.

When Eric calls to tell her he thinks he left the toaster oven on, she rushes home, annoyed and afraid their house may be burning down. Instead of smoke and flames she finds Eric, looking hot and sexy as hell as he prepares fresh waffles.

Eric knows he and Jessica have been drifting apart. He’s bought the hot new product everyone’s talking about—the Spice Rack, guaranteed to spice up your love life. The jar he opens advises them to “Spend a decadent day indulging all your senses.” With the whole day ahead of them, a fridge full of tempting treats and the house to themselves for a change, that’s exactly what Eric intends to do—in the kitchen, on the washing machine, wherever the mood strikes. And Jessica’s got a super-steamy surprise for him too.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00