Dead People

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Dead People

Haunted Hearts, #1

Thirty-four year old Cassie Taylor talks to dead people. She’s had this ability since she was a little girl, but unfortunately has been ostracized all her life because of it. Now as an adult, she uses her abilities to make a living. Her goal is to convince the dead person that the afterlife is far better than hanging in limbo. Usually she’s successful in having the ghosts cross over, but there seems to be one case that she wishes she never took on in the first place.

Popular songwriter Luke Rivers calls Cassie in to banish the spirit that seems to be living in his house in Bliss, Wisconsin. He’s just moved in a few short months ago because he has recently received custody of his ten-year-old daughter that he never even knew he had and he wants to setup a stable residence for her – something her mother hasn’t done for her in the past ten years. You see, Luke, who used to be the founder and songwriter for the famous group Dirty Secrets hooked up with the lead singer, Vanessa, and they started dating years ago. They eventually got married and a short time later Luke knew he made a terrible mistake marrying her. She was having an affair with another band member, Danny, and she eventually got pregnant. Luke and Vanessa divorced, but she never told him that the baby was his. She lead the life of an out of control band member where drinking and drugs were her priority and her daughter was growing up constantly seeing her mother drunk and stoned out of her mind. Finally, it happened one too many times and the state took Erin away from her mother and placed her into her biological father’s custody, which was when Luke found out for the first time that he was a father. When he discovered that Vanessa had stolen ten years of him knowing his daughter, he vowed that nothing would get in the way of him getting to know his daughter and providing a normal, stable life that she finally deserves to have. The sad part is, the house he chose, by only looking at it on the Internet, is haunted. As if he doesn’t have enough to worry about, he now has to have Cassie try and get rid of the ghost that seems to be bothering him and his daughter.

As Cassie starts learning about the history of this beautiful house, she discovers there’s some hidden information that she needs to find in order to exorcise this ghost into the next life. But the town of Bliss doesn’t seem to want to help Cassie as much as she would like and things grow increasing more and more difficult as the days pass for her. Not to mention, he and Cassie seem to be attracted to each other and they try everything to ignore their feelings for one another. Now with a ghost who doesn’t want to leave, to this hunky guy she’d love to jump in bed with, she seems to definitely have her hands full at the moment. Oh, did I mention that she has a best friend named Joe who’s also a ghost and is with her all the time while she’s ghost hunting?

This is one story that definitely has you wondering if Cassie will ever be able to get the female ghost out of the house once and for all. There are so many twists and turns in this story that I found myself frustrated for Cassie because she no sooner would get over one hurdle and she would be met with another one. I did enjoy this story, but there were times that I thought the storyline was dragging a bit. Overall, I had fun getting to know the characters and hoped that Luke and his daughter Erin would finally be able to start a quiet life together without any unwanted visitors disturbing them in the process. I know that this is the first book in the series, Haunted Hearts, and I’m curious to see what happens on Cassie’s next adventure.

Book Blurb for Dead People

When Cassie Taylor talks, ghosts listen. She wants to heal their souls so they can leave earth. Brooding songwriter Luke Rivers wants to give his recently found daughter a normal home, but he discovers his new house in small town Wisconsin is haunted by a ghost with an attitude. Cassie has an attitude too — even before someone tries to kill her.

He wants conventional; she wants acceptance. No wonder she thinks men are hard and dead people are easy.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 3.50