DK Adventures: Horse Club

I really enjoyed this juvenile novel because of all the horse content. In this story, we’re introduced to two sisters, Amanda and Emma, who work at their family’s bakery, Sweet Dreams, whenever they can. Both sisters love horses so much that Emma finds an ad for a one week riding camp at Paddock Promises Horse Academy and Stables. Amanda is already part of the school’s Horse Club, but this year Emma is old enough to join, as well. When she does, she suggests to the club that all the girls should do this one week camp together. They all love the idea. The only problem Amanda and Emma face is that they’ll have to raise the money in order for them to attend this camp. So they set out to work as much as possible in the family bakery so they can attend this horse camp their hearts are set on.

I loved the storyline idea and I really enjoyed all the extras Ms. Murphy added to the book. She included a picture of a horse and labeled all its parts; gave detailed information about all the equipment needed to take care of horses and how to use each item; she showed different pictures of the varying horse breeds available and she even came up with a great idea of horse bingo- in which her characters were playing this specially made horse bingo game at the camp to learn all the parts of the horse. By the way, this is only a sampling of the extras that can be found in this great book. If you have a child who adores horses, this is definitely one book you should look into. Once you do, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Book Blurb for DK Adventures: Horse Club

Saddle up for an adventure with two sisters as they revitalize their school's horseback riding club while also helping out at their family's bakery in DK Adventures: Horse Club.

Emma adores horses as much as she idolizes her older sister, Amanda. She dreams about riding a cinnamon-colored horse in a show alongside her one day. Emma's wish looks like it's about to come true — but it's not such a smooth ride.

Join Emma and Amanda at Paddock Promises' camp and learn how to handle, groom, tack up and ride a horse, meet horse's from myths and legends, plus get a recipe to bake sweet pony cupcakes in DK Adventures: Horse Club.

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Age Range: 8 - 11 years

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00