Cursed By Desire

I found this story to be an entertaining read and I loved the idea of Drake Montgomery being trapped in his castle for over four hundred years. I was so happy that Jordan Taylor had recently inherited her grandfather’s property in Dursley, England. To me, she was just the right person to help set Drake free of the curse he was put under by an evil witch, who had fallen in love with him all those years earlier. Now that I mentioned that, I’d also like to say that there was something about Drake’s character that I just couldn’t get past. Particularly when Jordan was in the castle sleeping and Drake would continually touch her all the time. They even had sex while she was sleeping. Although Jordan believed she was only dreaming that she was having sex with a handsome stranger, I felt that Drake was taking advantage of her to satisfy his own selfish needs. It was because of this that I could never really enjoy getting to know him and I felt he deserved the punishment of having a spell cast upon him since he was such a womanizer. It seemed that he hadn’t changed one bit over those four hundred years that he sat in limbo. Overall, this was a good story that helped me pass the time.


Jordan Taylor has just been notified that she’s inherited a fifty-thousand-square foot manor in England that her beloved grandfather had owned. At first, she thinks it’s a mistake until her grandfather’s lawyer confirms that the man did indeed own this very castle that she is now owner of. Not having many options, considering the will stipulated she had to live in the castle for six months or else she’d have to forfeit the ownership of the land, she accepts the stipulations. When she arrives in England, she’s taken not only by the beauty of the castle, but also by a gorgeous unnamed man who keeps visiting her in her dreams. Who is this man and why is he visiting her while she sleeps? Does she last the six months living in the castle? Does Drake ever get freed of the spell?

Book Blurb for Cursed By Desire

For over 400 years, Drake Montgomery has been trapped by a woman determined to keep him for herself. All that may change with the arrival of a young writer . . . or is death the only future for any of them?

Jordan has inherited a castle from her grandfather she didn’t even know he owned. Unfortunately, there’s a stipulation. She must live in the home for six months or forfeit her entire heritance. Upon arriving, she begins to have dreams of a man so perfect, he couldn’t possibly exist.

Unfortunately, he does, just not in the way she expected.

Not dead, but not alive either, Drake is stuck. He believes Jordan is the one who can set him free. But as time passes and he falls further in love with her, being set free is the last thing he wants.

Another trapped spirit, one determined to keep Drake all to herself, knows Jordan is the key, and she’ll do whatever she can to keep them apart.

Re-Release (Originally part of Love and Magic Anthology)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.00