Curse of the Scarab

Big Honey Dog Mysteries #1

In this story, we’re introduced to Olivia and her lovable Great Dane, Honey. When Olivia has to leave on a business trip, Honey has a petsitter stay with her in her house. Aside from having to deal with Olivia going away for business, Honey now has to adjust to having the petsitter’s 10 week old Great Dane puppy named Bean right under her paws. It’s one thing to have a petsitter. It’s another to have a baby Dane running around constantly looking for someone to play with her. That should be the worst of Honey’s worries though. Unfortunately, there have been some puppies from the neighborhood that have recently gone missing all around the same time. All the older dogs are beginning to wonder what has happened to them. Then it hits even closer to home for Honey. Her little sidekick, Bean, has been kidnapped and no one knows anything about it. So the older dogs all decide to team up and start searching for the missing puppies. It sounds easy, but once they start getting paw deep into Ancient Egyptian beliefs and they keep stumbling upon hieroglyphics in all the oddest places, this becomes an all-out investigation for Honey and the crew.

I just adored this Great Dane mystery. Since I grew up with Danes all my life it was a no brainer that I’d want to read this story. Ms. Hanna did a remarkable job describing every dog to perfection and I loved all their individual personalities. As they set out to find the missing puppies, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest because I was afraid of what they would stumble upon in the process. I didn’t want them getting hurt, nor did I want them being caught by the mean dog catcher. Although this is labeled as a children’s book, rest assured even adults, like myself, will enjoy going on Honey’s spine tingling adventure. Well done, Ms. Hanna! Please, please, please keep writing more Honey books. You have a huge fan following you now!

Book Blurb for Curse of the Scarab

For dog lovers of all ages comes an exciting new mystery series full of action and adventure!

Missing puppies. Deadly secrets. Serious slobber.

Honey the Great Dane enjoyed a pretty peaceful life: walking her human, checking Peemail at the park… until the arrival of a puppy named Bean turns her life upside down. But when Bean goes missing – together with other neighbourhood pups – Honey sets out on a dangerous quest to find them. Joined by her canine friends, Honey tackles mysterious paw prints and sinister hieroglyphics as clues lead them to a deserted cemetery. But an ancient Egyptian curse has awakened and time is running out… Can Honey solve a cryptic riddle in time to save the puppies? And should she trust Max, a Pit Bull with a murky past, who is hiding secrets of his own?

Middle-grade readers and young teens will love this thrilling tale filled with suspense and humour - and adult dog lovers are sure to enjoy it too!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00