Creator Class

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Creator Class

The Creator Class Series, #1

I really enjoyed this newest release written by KM Breakey. Being the first in The Creator Class series, the author did a fantastic job creating his futuristic characters and storyline for this mature YA story. The idea of having such varying classes of people living in a world so different than our own made this story uniquely different from any other I’ve ever read. I found myself cheering Shawn Lowe on and hoping he would acclimate to the new Creator Class that he now had been selected to be part of. He lived through many heartbreaking and heart racing moments since being taken from his birth family and he had to learn how to live as a member of the elite Creator Class. This wouldn’t be an easy feat for any adult that was thrust into a situation like this, but teenage Shawn made the best of his situation by far. Mr. Breakey has done a fantastic job with this futuristic YA story and I’m eagerly looking forward to reading the remaining books in this creatively engaging series.

Shawn Lowe has lived his life being a member of the People, but that all changes one day when he’s kidnapped and forced to forget his past in order to assimilate into the elite Creator Class. He isn’t given any options in the matter and finds it extremely difficult to forget his past and everyone he’s loved all his life. Can Shawn adjust enough to his new life as not to draw any attention to himself? Does he do as he’s told and never communicates again with his biological family? How does he deal with terrible news he learns about his biological family?

Book Blurb for Creator Class

Decades have elapsed since The Creators inflicted their vision on the planet. The population menace is tamed, resources are plentiful, and climate concerns abate. A sustainable world order has been achieved.

But Shawn Lowe chafes at P-Class restrictions. Movements are tracked, conversations scrutinized, conformity enforced. It’s wrong. The Laws of Earthism are wrong. When a treasonous outburst cements Shawn’s fate, an unexpected communication from Creator Class sparks changes he could never have imagined.

A new life. A new family. Boundless opportunity. Destiny, it seems, has been rewritten. But an evil nemesis emerges, and a lust for vengeance points Shawn down a treacherous path.

Creator Class is the first book in The Creator Class Series.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00