Crazy Little Thing

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Crazy Little Thing

Unfortunately, this was one book I just couldn’t get through even though I tried reading it at three different times. From the start, I found the storyline dragging, which in turn made me not connect with any of the characters. I really was hoping that after the third try I could get past a slow, dry section of the story, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Sad to say, I had to give this book an overall low rating even though I hate giving any book a low rating. This story just wasn’t a perfect fit for me and because of this it made it very difficult to finish.

Sadie Turner strives to have everything in order including her life. But once she starts losing control over that, she decides taking a summer vacation at her aunt’s lake house might just be what she needs to get everything back on track for her. Unfortunately, once she arrives there, a calm relaxing atmosphere is the last thing she finds. Does Sadie eventually get her life back in order?

Book Blurb for Crazy Little Thing

If Sadie Turner is good at anything, it’s putting stuff in order. So when she finds her “perfect” life in disarray, she hopes a summer vacation at her aunt’s lake house will help her piece it back together. She wants to relax, reboot, and heal the wounds left by her cheating ex-husband. And that requires time away from men. All men.

Or so she thinks.

With two slobbering dogs and two cousins living there—one a flamboyant decorator intent on making over Sadie—it’s hard to get a moment’s peace at eccentric Aunt Dody’s house, especially with everyone so determined to set her up with Desmond, the sexy new neighbor.

Desmond is Sadie’s worst nightmare. Tall, tanned, muscular…and to top it off, he’s great with her kids. But he must have a flaw—he’s a man—so Sadie vows to keep her distance.

As summer blazes on, the life Sadie is trying so hard to simplify only becomes more complicated—a new career presents itself, her evil ex haunts her, and Aunt Dody reveals a tragic secret—but maybe a little chaos is just what Sadie needs to get her life back in order.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 2.50