Corsair Cove

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Corsair Cove

Esa Keats is not only dealing with the abrupt loss of her father passing on, but also finding out that he has betrayed her in the process is tearing her up inside. How could her father not tell her of his incurable illness and then go behind her back by bequeathing the family business to a complete stranger instead of Esa? She’s hurt and devastated to her core. Ironically, her fiancé Sid, who’s also employed in the Keats’ shipping business, wants Esa to contest the will so she’ll be the rightful owner of it now. Then in the long run, once they’re married, he too will be owner. Or so he wishes this will be the case.

Needing time away from everyone and everything, Esa tells Sid that she needs to go away for a short time to collect her thoughts. While away in Key West, she begins to do some intense soul searching of what she needs to do next in her life. Spending time at the ocean, which is something she loves to do, seems like the right place for her to be right now. As she’s mulling over the past few weeks of sheer hell she’s been through, a storm rolls in and she knows she needs to seek shelter. She begins walking and stumbles over a man lying in the sand. She’s clueless as to how she didn’t see him prior to this. Looking down at him, she can’t believe how gorgeous he truly is. He’s dress in what looks like a pirate outfit and she can only surmise that he must be part of the annual “Pirates in Paradise Festival” that’s going on now. Taking a closer look at him, she smells liquor emanating off of him and is sure that he’s had one too many drinks while celebrating at the festival. But when he looks up and smiles at her, she’s overwhelmed by the connection she feels toward him.

While lying in the sand, Jacque Cherif LaFleur can’t believe how beautiful the woman is staring down at him. He feels an instant attraction to her like no other woman he has ever laid eyes on. Maybe she can help him find his ship and right the wrongs that have gone on in his absence. But soon he finds out that things aren’t as he assumes. He’s in another world, 200 years after he was presumed dead. Now his only lifeline is Esa and he hopes she can help him find his way again.

Does Esa believe Jacque and what he tells her of his past? What happens when Sid finds out about her stumbling upon Jacque? How do things turn out between her and Sid? Is this only a continuation of the turbulent times ahead for Esa or could this be the beginning of the pieces falling into place for her?

Ms. Ashton has another winner on her hands with this story! I loved how this time-travel fit so well into the storyline and it was so enjoyable to get to know her characters. When Esa was doing her soul searching, I felt truly sorry for everything she was going through in her life. I had hoped that she would be able to work things through enough so that she knew what had to be done when she got back home and tried picking up the pieces of her life. When she stumbled upon Jacque, I wasn’t certain what to make of it at first. There was something about him that made me fall for him quickly and because of this I had hoped that Esa would be there to help him find his way also. This is a perfect story for any pirate lover out there and if you want to fall head over heels for a gorgeous guy, than you must pick this one up! You won’t be disappointed!

Book Blurb for Corsair Cove

Pirate turned Privateer, Jacque Cherif LaFleur awakens on a beach only to discover he's washed in with the tide...200 years after he's presumed dead. His only possessions are his Letters of Marque, signed by the King of France, and a rare ruby. As vengeance fuels his quest, Jacque sets out to right the wrongs of his past. And just maybe, the King's coveted diamond...

The death of her beloved father has left Esa Keats devastated by his betrayal. He's willed the family business to a complete stranger! Desperate to flee the chaos that has become her life, as well as her fiancé, Esa escapes to the Florida Keys. Absorbed in her own misery, she is oblivious to the bulk sprawled along the shoreline…until she stumbles over it. To her surprise, the bulk is none other than a man dressed in 18th century pirate garb. As Esa embarks on a quest with the eccentric renegade, she finds herself thrown back to the 18th century...and straight into the hands of the Corsair's treacherous crew.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00