Cookie Classics Made Easy

One-Bowl Recipes, Perfect Results

Ms. Scalise decided to write a cookbook to simplify what other cookbooks offer. From firsthand experience, people told her that they found other cookbook recipes long and complicated. So the author set out to simplify things for her readers. She’s listed 40 classic cookie recipes that require just one bowl and a few baking ingredients. The cookie recipes are broken down into four sections: Chocolate Love; Fruit and Nut; Sugar and Spice; and lastly All-Time Favorites. The ones I can’t wait to try are: Apples Rolled in Autumn; Cinnamon Morning; Italian Wedding; The Vermont; and Lucille’s Peanut Butter. If you love making cookies, but hate the long, complicated recipes you need to follow, than look no further. This easy cookie making book is a must for cookie lovers!

Book Blurb for Cookie Classics Made Easy

The 40 recipes in this delicious collection use a foolproof formula that requires just one bowl, minimal baking equipment, and no previous experience! You’ll find your tried-and-true favorites here -- from Chewy Chocolate Chip to Oatmeal Raisin, Shortbread, Ginger Molasses, and Snickerdoodles -- plus many more that are sure to become new must-haves, such as Lemon Ginger, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Rum Raisin, Pecan Delight, and Vanilla Walnut Pear. Warm, crave-worthy cookies are just minutes away!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00