Clay Play!

24 Whimsical Projects

In this fun clay book, Ms. Taylor teaches us a few pointers before we start trying to create the whimsical projects she offers us. She explains how to condition the clay to make it easier to work with, how to make different shapes with ease to add to other projects, how to mix colors together to make your own special unique colors not found anywhere in stores and she even teaches us how to correctly prop up our projects before we put them in the oven to bake. She offers great step-by-step instructions and provides clear pictures for us to follow for each step of the project.

I really loved reading through this clay book and even as an adult, Ms. Taylor had me excited early on to start working with clay to make some of these fun, colorful projects. A few projects I want to make first are the ladybug, duck & ducklings, hoot owl, friendly fox and dancing polar bear. I’m already in the process of buying all the supplies I need to start these projects. I enjoyed this book so much, not only do I highly recommend it, but also I hope Ms. Taylor decides to come out with more clay project books. If you love working with clay and you want some new ideas or you’re looking to buy a fun gift for someone, this would be the perfect book to look into. This book is labeled by the publisher for ages 7-11 and grades 2-5.

Book Blurb for Clay Play!

Transform simple balls and coils of modeling clay into an awesome alligator, laughing lizard, magic trinket box, and other sculptures, signs, and ornaments! These full-color illustrations and clear directions explain basic techniques as well as every step of the crafting process for 24 projects, including a happy heart, snazzy snail, dancing polar bear, and other treasures.

Each project is graded according to level of difficulty and includes a list of materials consisting of colored clay and ordinary household items. The step-by-step instructions feature numerals corresponding to color photos that provide easy-to-follow examples. Crafters of all ages will adore these fun-filled projects and their products, which make charming keepsakes and unique gifts.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00