Clairvoyance for Beginners

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Clairvoyance for Beginners

Easy Techniques to Enhance Your Psychic Visions

Ms. Chauran explains to her readers the best way of approaching your newfound clairvoyance ability and teaches us how to gradually increase our skills with plenty of exercises. She further explains that everyone has the potential to be clairvoyant, but depending on how open you are to using or not using this ability, all depends on how each person approaches the thought of being clairvoyant in the first place.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading each chapter and thought the exercises she provided were fun to do. Since I had to provide a review of this book, I couldn’t take the necessary time on each chapter and exercise that she suggested. I do plan on re-reading this book and when I do, I’ll work on allotting the necessary training times for each chapter and corresponding exercise. The author wrote this book in an easy to understand format that any level clairvoyant, from novice to expert, will have no problem understanding and following along with her. I really enjoyed this book and I’m eager to see what other books this author already has available. I highly recommend it!

Book Blurb for Clairvoyance for Beginners

Discover and enhance your natural clairvoyant abilities as you see the future of your love life, your financial potential, and your spiritual destiny. Even if you’ve never had a clairvoyant vision, Alexandra Chauran reveals each step necessary to move from clairvoyant beginner to visionary expert. First you’ll learn how to get started and see visions with your eyes closed. Then you’ll discover how to experience clairvoyance with your eyes open and use your new-found talents to help yourself and others. Explore your dreams, learn to meditate, enter a trance, discover psychometry, interpret omens, read a crystal ball and interpret all your visions. Includes a symbol dictionary to help you give advice on career, money, family, health, and more. Includes advice on the ethics of being clairvoyant.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00