Circle the Date

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Circle the Date

A Novel

This was a fun and entertaining story for me, which I found that I just couldn’t put down. I love how Ms. Beaty Green decided to do the alternating chapters between Patsy and Lesley, the two main female characters who not only were longtime friends, but also joint owners of their thriving and highly recommended wedding business, Circle the Date. In switching between the story being told in both these characters' voices, it created a fresh, new and very unique way in which to tell this story. It allowed the author to share her creativity of having two different female voices tell their life story - which I thought worked out marvelously well! There were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, but I felt they all fit perfectly well into the storyline. I also loved all the creative details the author included about the individual weddings she described to us. I can say an endless amount of good things about this fun and exciting book, but I'll let you decide for yourself when you read it. One thing that I do want to mention to the author is - please keep writing more for us to enjoy, Ms. Beaty Green!

Patsy Gamble and Lesley Manning are extremely close friends that have been through thick and thin with each other throughout the years. Being as close as they are, they’ve decided that going into the wedding business together would be a wonderful idea because they both work so well off each other. In following through with the plan, they’ve now been in their own business called Circle the Date for the past few years. Because they’re best friends to each other, they both know each other’s hidden secrets and desires that no one else knows about. Included in those secrets are things like which guy they wished they were involved with or even who they had hoped to one day marry. They go through many ups and downs together over the years, both in their business and personal lives, but the question remains can their close friendship continue to stand the test of time no matter what situation presents itself to them?

Book Blurb for Circle the Date

The Wedding Business is Booming! Best friends Lesley Manning and Patsy Gamble have it all figured out-especially when it comes to their dream job. They own a wedding planning business in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, and there is a lovely rhythm to their lives. But when an unexpected client hires them to plan his wedding, things get complicated in a hurry. This witty, high-spirited book explores what happens when relationships are challenged and unlikely roads of romance are explored. So grab a glass of wine, sit back, and Circle the Date!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 5.00