Breaking the Rules

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Breaking the Rules

Harlequin Blaze #592

Sergeant First Class Max St. James is heading home from Afghanistan for a month of leave time. Just before he leaves though, he pays a visit to one of his team members and friend, Specialist Rico Santiago. Both men are members of the U. S. Army’s bomb disposal team and this will be the first time that Max has to deal with one of his members getting hurt on a mission. Rico is in good spirits though and asks Max for a favor before he leaves to go stateside. He asks if Max will stop in and check up on his sister, Sophia Castillo, who lives just outside of San Francisco, which is Max’s destination. Max reluctantly agrees to do it for Rico.

Once he arrives in California he heads to the art gallery that Sophia works at to see how she’s doing. When he walks into the cozy gallery and spots two women trying to crate up an enormous statue of a penis and they’re struggling because it’s too heavy, he kicks right in and assists them. When he realizes that one of the women is Sophia, he immediately is attracted to her. He knows that he can’t break the “don’t date your buddy’s sister” rule, but he never anticipated Sophia being as beautiful and feisty as she is.

Sophia can’t believe that Max is in her gallery right now. She’s been lusting after him ever since her brother sent a picture of himself and a few guys on the team. But seeing Max in the flesh makes her want him even more now. Oddly though, she decides to play it cool and intentionally brushes off his visit to check up on her for Rico. Max asks her out for a drink and he won’t take no for an answer. Sophia has no choice but to give in and go with him. As each moment passes that they’re in each other’s company, the attraction for one another keeps spiking up. The question is can Max stick to the unwritten buddy rule of not dating Rico’s sister while he’s stateside? If something were to start between them, could they make it work?

I loved this story by Ms. Weber and immediately felt the attraction between Max and Sophia. I wanted to shake Sophia when she originally gave Max the cold shoulder. I felt that story was so hot I could swear I saw steam rising off the pages as I was reading it. The author’s characters were easy to fall in love with and I couldn’t help but get lost in this book for a few hours. If you’re looking for a great read that will warm you up on a cold night look no further!

Book Blurb for Breaking the Rules

Subject: Max St. James, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class

Current Status: On leave after a year in Afghanistan.

Mission: Take some R & R. Check up on a buddy's little sister.

Obstacle: Sophia Castillo. Independent, stubborn…and hot enough to make him forget she's anybody's "little sister"!

Max may be off duty, but he still has one last job to do. He's promised to look in on—but not fool around with!—his best friend's kid sister. Only once he meets Sophia, all thought of keeping his hands to himself go out the window.

Sophia, however, has different ideas. A recent widow, the last thing she needs is another man telling her what to do. Even if that gorgeous man leaves her drooling in a puddle of lust….

It's a battle of wills. Who will end up on top? Max breaks every rule in the book to keep Sophia in his bed. After all, all's fair in love and war.

And Max is counting on life with Sophia being a little bit of both.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50