Wicked Missions, #3

Book three of Ms. Raines' Wicked Missions series packed just as much delight as did her previous two books. This author created more characters that you just couldn't help but fall in love with and she did it in such a fashion that I felt I was reading about a great Sci-Fi soap opera happening on another planet. As I turned each page, I just couldn't help but wonder what the author would have her characters do next as they told their story to me. Ms. Raines is very creative with her storylines and takes you to far off worlds in each one of them. The funny part is, while she's writing about other planets she describes them so well that she makes them feel so real to me. For an author to transport me into her imaginary world with such flare and such ease makes me enjoy her books even more so while I'm reading them. This is another book by Ms. Raines that you shouldn't pass up!

Book Blurb for Bounty

When Hannah Bates helps foil a Dracorian attack on the planet Fraiqua, the Dracorians place a hefty price on her head. Captured by two bounty hunters, she faces death if delivered to her enemies. Can she convince her captors that revenge rather than justice awaits her if they claim their bounty? When she develops feelings for the two men, how will she persuade them it’s not an attempt to earn their sympathy?

Erik Leonards’s daughter is being held hostage by the Dracorians, used as leverage to force him to bring them Hannah Bates. Together with his partner, Wulf Stratton, Erik captures her, knowing Hannah's delivery to Dracoria is his daughter Leah’s only hope.

On the long trip, Wulf and Erik fight their attraction to the dynamic Hannah. When the time comes to turn her over to her enemy, the men face an impossible choice—save Leah or save Hannah? 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00