Birthday Bash

The Edge Series

Ms. Scott really knows how to write stories that entertain her readers and she makes them walk away feeling satisfied even if it’s a short read. I really enjoyed this birthday story wrapped around Juli Falzone turning thirty years old. Being that it was a milestone birthday, her and her friends decided to head to Las Vegas for the weekend. The ironic part was, through some crazy error with the TSA, they put her on the no-fly list and destroyed all her birthday getaway plans. Rest assured, Ms. Scott doesn’t disappoint by leaving her readers hanging. Instead, she cooked up a bigger twist that was even hotter than Juli’s original Vegas plans. This is one author I have my eye on because she gives her readers stories they can enjoy while investing in her characters that she writes about. This is another enjoyable read by Ms. Scott!

Juli Falzone can’t believe that the TSA mistakenly has put her on the no-fly list just as she’s about to head to her thirtieth birthday celebration in Vegas. She never imagines that she won’t be able to have some fun in Sin City for her birthday, but she has no other option except to go home. In the end, her friends don’t disappoint and make certain that Juli still can have fun for her special day even though she’s not with them. What do her friends do for her as an alternative birthday celebration? Does Juli have the time of her life even though she’s not with her girlfriends?

Book Blurb for Birthday Bash

Juli Falzone is stuck at home for her thirtieth birthday after the TSA puts her on the no-fly list…until her doorbell rings and she finds two hot cops standing on her porch with a warrant for her arrest.

Are they a practical joke from her well-meaning friends, the best birthday gift ever, or has her identity been stolen? Wanting answers and maybe a little more than curious, she lets them in. Can she talk her way out of the situation or will they make her come along peacefully?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00